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The Library is a research room that attracts Warlock-icon Warlocks, who enjoy researching in it. Other creatures can also be placed in the Library to research. Warlocks at level 2 and over and Wizard-icon Wizards at level 3 and over will shoot Fireball icon small Fireballs at non-researchers who enter the Library for any reason, most of the time Imp-icon Imps. When something has been researched, the researchers will cheer to the accompaniment of magical fireworks. If your Library is sold or destroyed, some spells will disappear and will have to be researched again. Room advances are permanent. You can see the progress or a researched spell by clicking on the “?” Icon (the Information Panel) on the far left of your on screen menu.

Research PathEdit

The table below lists your dungeon assets in the order they can be researched. Most campaign and skirmish levels have the basics (the first eight topics on the list) already researched. Campaign levels also have some items disabled entirely.

Research Path
Spell Points Room Points
Hand of Evil 1
Possession Icon Small Possess Creature 1
Slap 1
CreateImp Icon Small Create Imp 1000 Treasure Room Icon Small Treasure Room 1000
Hatchery Icon Small Hatchery 1000
Lair Icon Small Lair 1000
Library Icon Small Library 1000
Training Room Icon Small Training Room 1000
SightofEvil Icon Small Sight of Evil 3800 Bridge Icon Small Bridge 4600
SpeedMonster Icon Small Speed Monster 5700
Mustobey Icon Small Must Obey 6000 Guard Post Icon Small Guard Post 6700
CallToArms Icon Small Call to Arms 7400 Workshop Icon Small Workshop 9000
ConcealMonster Icon Small Conceal Monster 9400 Barracks Icon Small Barracks 12000
HoldAudience Icon Small Hold Audience 11000 Prison Icon Small Prison 20000
CaveIn Icon Small Cave-In 25000 Torture Room Icon Small Torture Chamber 20000
Heal Icon Small Heal 14000 Temple Icon Small Temple 25000
Trap Lightning Small Lightning Strike 15000 Graveyard Icon Small Graveyard 25000
ProtectMonster Icon Small Protect Monster 15000 ScavengerRoom Icon Small Scavenger Room 27500
Chicken Icon Small Chicken 20000
Disease Icon Small Disease 20000
Armageddon Icon Small Armageddon 100000
DestroyWalls Icon Small Destroy Walls 750000


Some creatures are natural researchers, with powerful intellects and/or otherworldly knowledge, and some aren't. Research is particularly serious business for Wizard-icon Wizards and Warlock-icon Warlocks; when they have obtained a ranged spell (Warlocks at experience level 2 and Wizards from the very start), they will attack "unworthy researchers" hanging around inside the library— any creature for whom Library work is not a primary or secondary job— and get annoyed.

Research Speed
0 1 2 3 4 5
Imp-icon Horned-reaper-icon Demon-spawn-icon Vampire-icon Warlock-icon
Orc-icon Skeleton-icon Dark-mistress-icon Dragon-icon
Fly-icon Ghost-icon
0 1 2 3 4 5
Barbarian-icon Mountain-dwarf-icon Archer-icon Monk-icon Fairy-icon Wizard-icon
Tunneler-icon Knight-icon Samurai-icon Priestess-icon
Giant-icon Thief-icon Avatar-icon
Primary Job
Secondary Job
Refuses to do Job


To research spells faster, build more Library space, and add more creatures into the Library. Warlock-icon Warlocks and the more expensive Dragon-icon Dragon will often enter the dungeon and begin researching as soon as the basic rooms are up. Acquiring other sorts of creatures for the task usually requires a great deal of effort and preexisting research.

For much of the original campaign, a level 10 Vampire-icon Vampire can be Transferred. On some levels it is possible to transfer a trained-up level 10 Wizard-icon Wizard— with his combination of high research value and killing power, he can be as formidable overall as the Vampire-icon Vampire, and he works for one-sixth the payday (apparently the joy of blazing through your research topics and perforating enemies pays for itself).


Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

The Library is your dungeon’s research centre, where new spells can be discovered and known ones upgraded. It is a furnished room, and can accommodate one researcher per bookcase or shelf/podium, plus one. A functioning Library attracts Warlocks. Other evil creatures who will research are the Vampire, Dark Angel and Maiden; on the heroes’ side, the Fairy, Monk and Wizard are also keen scholars.

In the campaign, on levels where a new spell becomes available, it must first be researched. Once this is done, a spellbook will appear above the central bookshelves in your Library. These spells will subsequently be available at the start of each new level. At the beginning of a new level, all your known spells start at grade 1 and can be researched to grade 2 (upgraded).

In Skirmish Mode and Multiplayer, the Library is used to upgrade known spells. It is possible to research a spell by claiming a Library that contains the spellbook for it. Researched spells can be lost if the Library or library bookcase where it is stored is claimed, destroyed or sold.

The Library is also used to store magic items. Once your Imps claim a land tile that contains a magic item, they carry it back to the nearest Library, where it is stored above the central bookshelves and can be accessed via the Spell Casting tab. Each of your Library’s central bookshelves can store 2 new spells or magic items.

  • If you have multiple Libraries, spells appear in the one where research towards the spell was last conducted.
  • Magic items in the Library can't be picked up, but if their Library loses tiles, they may be moved.

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