Lightning Trap
Appears in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2
Icon Lightningstrike mediumLightning Trap2 Icon Medium
Cost (Buy/Sell) --/500 (DK1),
3000,1500 (DK2)
Substantial (DK2)
Number of charges 8 (DK1)
Damages your Creatures? No
Workshop size needed 13 tiles (DK1)
Time to craft 20000 turns (DK1)

Dungeon KeeperEdit

The Lightning Trap lets loose a bolt of lightning when tripped. The trap has a limit of twelve shots before it needs to be replaced by your Imps. They do this automatically. Shots from the Lightning Trap do not harm your creatures.
The Lightning Trap requires your Workshop to made up of at least thirteen squares before one can be manufactured.

Lightning traps do decent damage to creatures, less than the Word of Power Trap, but have more charges before they must be replaced. Multiple traps can quickly weaken or even kill even the strongest of enemies and are very useful for keeping enemy Imps at bay.

When an Imp triggers a Lightning Trap, it will be killed instantly. However, if you place a second Imp to capture the square after all graphic and sound effects have ceased, it will have time to capture the square and thus disarm the trap. Beware though, if the Lightning Trap is still active (as in, it is still glowing and the sound is still playing), it will continue to shoot out lightning at your creatures, which can be a disaster to your Imps. Keep an eye on your Imps if you come across an enemy Lightning Trap, or you'll have a lot of dead Imps very quickly.

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

This trap sends bursts of magical lightning towards the enemy, striking them from afar.
Note: The effect of a Lightning Trap is more potent if the targeted creature is in water when it is struck. Place this trap near watery areas of your dungeon for that unforgettable bath-time experience!

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