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This page lists unofficial websites for Dungeon Keeper and/or Dungeon Keeper 2.

Status colour codes
Colour Status
Green circle Live and active.
Yellow circle Online, but stagnant. May not have been updated for many years, and may even show signs of falling into disrepair.
Orange circle Offline, but substantial content is still accessible via archives such as the Wayback Machine.
Red circle Lost forever; no trace is known to still be available anywhere.
Name Description/Notes Status
Keeper Klan Possibly the largest and most important Dungeon Keeper website as of 2023, the vast majority of Dungeon Keeper activity occurs here, whether on the actual website's forums or on the Discord server. Releases of Dungeon Keeper FX are announced here, and the website has plenty of Dungeon Keeper-related downloads. Green circle
KeeperFX A website for Dungeon Keeper FX, showcasing its features and offering user content. Green circle
Dungeon Keeper NETwork Until this site went offline in 2015, this French-language site was one of the largest Dungeon Keeper communities. It featured Dungeon Keeper news, downloads, and forums. Its YouTube channel remains online, however. Orange circle
Dungeon Keeper Extras Written by the original creator of ADiKtEd, Jon Skeet, this site goes into the technical details of the game's data. It seems to have not been updated in many, many years, perhaps not since 1997, the year Dungeon Keeper was released. Despite this, it remains accessible and a resource for developers and hackers. Yellow circle
Fizzban's Keep Fizzban's Keep was one of the earliest Dungeon Keeper fansites. When its owner migrated the site to Dungeon Keeper 2, the earlier incarnation was erased without trace. The same thing happened to this Dungeon Keeper 2 incarnation when it became a Diablo II site, which is the only version of the site that the Wayback Machine has archived.[1] Red circle
Dungeon Keeper Millennium Basically an online reference guide for Dungeon Keeper, it provides walkthroughs of the levels, and stats for the creatures, spells, rooms, traps, and doors. The website is built with a Dungeon Keeper interface. Yellow circle
Thanatos' Dungeon Keeper Realm Similar to Dungeon Keeper Millennium in that it is essentially an online reference guide. However, it seems to contain some erroneous information, such as non-existent Temple sacrifice recipes. Yellow circle
Dungeon Keeper: The Unauthorized Guide Another reference guide-like website. It's 'still under constuction [sic]' and has been for many, many years. Yellow circle
Bono's Dungeon Keeper Guide Another guide website, but this one gives detailed descriptions and tips rather than just giving raw stats. It also describes game mechanics and the errors of the manual. Orange circle
Phil's Dungeon Keeper Guide Another guide website. Also includes download links for things that are now long-since historical, such as the patch and the Windows 98 IPX fix. Yellow circle
The Evil One's Dungeon Keeper 2 site A website giving cheats, hints, and downloads. Orange circle
Fruits of Rage A community for Dungeon Keeper 2. Orange circle
Knights of Mephisto A Dungeon Keeper 2 clan. Orange circle
The DK Inferno A Dungeon Keeper 2 news and information site. Orange circle
DarkSword Described as the 'Dungeon Keeper 2 Network', this was a large Dungeon Keeper 2 community, featuring downloads and interviews, as well as being a reference guide. Orange circle
地下城守护者吧 A Chinese Dungeon Keeper community. Green circle
Dungeon Keeper Players Manual A Japanese Dungeon Keeper website and guide, covering Dungeon Keeper Premium and Dungeon Keeper 2. Orange circle
Dungeon Keeper Wiki Confusingly named, but is rather different to this wiki; it's in Japanese, and focuses more on getting the games running rather than in-game elements. It is powered by PukiWiki rather than MediaWiki. Green circle
Toyo's Dungeon Keeper II Page A Japanese site focusing mainly on multiplayer. Yellow circle
Playtown Queen's site Has a few downloads. Japanese. It uses Shift JIS encoding, so the text may not display properly on modern web browsers unless you specify that code page. Orange circle
Unnamed Dungeon Keeper site Has various downloads. Orange circle
NetgameLand Just an information site in Japanese. Yellow circle

Actual names/titles are italicised.

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