"You have found a hidden realm. Go there when you have conquered this land"

This special reveals a hidden level, those hidden levels are quite different and more difficult than the normal levels. Usually you have a time limit to defeat this hidden level, also you usually begin with a fixed number of rooms, spells, Imp-icon Imps, creatures, gold and you can't get any more. Also in some levels you have only one creature and the Possession Icon Small Possession spell, so you have to possess the monster and use it to beat the level. In other words, you have to master the possession spell if you want to be able to win the level.

Dungeon Specials
Dk1iconDungeon Keeper
Increase levelIncrease Level / Locate hidden worldLocate Hidden World / Make safeMake Safe / Multiply creaturesMultiply Creatures / Resurrect creatureResurrect Creature / Reveal mapReveal Map / Steal heroSteal Hero / Transfer creatureTransfer Creature
Dk2iconDungeon Keeper 2
Destroywalls tinyDestroy Walls / Healall tinyHeal All / Increasegold tinyIncrease Gold / Increaselevel tinyIncrease Level / Killcreatures tinyKill Creatures / Locatehiddenland tinyLocate Hidden Land / Makehappy tinyMake Happy / Makesafe tinyMake Safe / Makeunhappy tinyMake Unhappy / Manaboost tinyMana Boost / Receiveimps tinyReceive Imps / Revealmap tinyReveal Map / Stunimps tinyStun Imps / Locatehiddenland tinyTransfer Creature

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