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Locate Hidden World (DK1), or Locate Hidden Land (DK2), is a Dungeon Special that reveals a hidden level. Those hidden levels are quite different and more difficult than the normal levels. Usually, you have a time limit to defeat this hidden level. Also, you usually begin with a fixed number of rooms, spells, Imps, creatures, gold, and you can't get any more. In some levels, you have only one creature and the Possess Creature spell, so you have to possess the monster and use it to beat the level. In other words, you have to master the possession spell if you want to be able to win the level.

Some versions of the Dungeon Keeper official guide book claim that the Locate Hidden World specials are found in Tickle, Moonbrush Wood, Sleepiburgh, Woodly Rhyme, and Mistle.[1] In actuality, they're found in Tickle, Moonbrush Wood, Woodly Rhyme, Mirthshire, and nowhere (there is no fifth Locate Hidden World, making Secret 5 inaccessible. However, there was one in the original version of Blaise End, when it was an early version of Morkardar. There is also one in the KeeperFX version of Blaise End.).

In Dungeon Keeper 2, the Locate Hidden Lands are located in Fear, Caverns, Smashing, and Conversion.[2]


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