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The Lord of the Land is a hero encountered throughout the Dungeon Keeper games. He is a unique unit that stands apart from regular heroes, because he is the 'Lord of the Land' and owns a single piece of land (and a Portal Gem in Dungeon Keeper 2) entrusted to him by the Avatar (DK1) or King Reginald (DK2).

Dungeon Keeper[]

In the original Dungeon Keeper, the Lord of the Land was not a particular unit as such. Rather, he was a Knight that acts as the Lord of the Land. Despite this, there are 19 named and titled Lords (many of whom seem to be named after Dungeon Keeper developers or other Bullfrog employees):

However, due to in-game naming mechanics, they are not named as such during the actual game.

The game also treats the Avatar as a Lord of the Land.


  • A voice clip will play when the Lord of the Land is entering the map, with him addressing you, the Keeper, and all other Keepers who may be present about how he will drive all evil from his realm. You'll hear one of the following lines being yelled at you in his stentorian voice:[2]
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  • "Your dark days are numbered, evil one!"
  • "We come to rid the world of your evil!"
  • "We shall send you back to the pits, foul one!"
  • "Your reign shall end before this day is done!"
  • "We shall cast you back into the shadows, Keeper!"
  • "Leave us to live our lives in peace!"
  • "In the name of all that is good, we shall defeat you!"
  • "We shall not tolerate your evil presence any longer!"
  • "貴様 (きさま) () はもう () わりだ!"
  • "邪悪 (じゃあく) 者共 (ものども) () 一匹 (いっぴき) (のこ) らず () () ってやる!"
  • "薄汚 (うすぎたな) 奴等 (やつら) () 奈落 (ならく) (そこ) () えてしまえ!"
  • "お (まえ) 支配 (しはい) も、もう () (まで) だ!"
  • "キーパーよ、 (やみ) 住処 (すみか) (かえ) るが () い!"
  • "我々 (われわれ) 平和 (へいわ) 世界 (せかい) () (もど) (ため) () って () た!"
  • " (すべ) ての善良 (ぜんりょう) (もの) () にかけて、貴様 (きさま) () (たお) す!"
  • "邪悪 (じゃあく) 貴様 (きさま) () をもう (ゆる) しては () けん!"
  • Some of them could be captured and converted, whereas in Dungeon Keeper 2, they die instantly and cannot be converted except in modified Skirmish games.
  • Only one Lord (Lady Catherine of Wishvale) is named in-game. The names and titles of the others are revealed in the official strategy guide.
  • In the English version (and likely the French version) at least, the person who voiced the Lord of the Land is the same person who voiced the in-game Mentor. In the English version, this is Dene Carter, one of the game's programmers.


Dungeon Keeper 2[]

In Dungeon Keeper 2, he was created as a fully functional character, with various names applied to him, with 'Antonius' being the weakest, while 'Pureheart' was the strongest. Each Lord of the Land also holds a portal gem. Each of them have to be killed by a Keeper to conquer the Lord's realm and force it into submission. There are 15 lords;

  • Antonius - The first lord to be fought. The weakest of the lot.
  • Darius - The second lord, a more worthy foe than Antonius.
  • Avaricious - A greedy lord whose love of gold is his weakness.
  • Ludwig - An old warrior who has become a bit paranoid.
  • Constantine - A gutless lord who uses his own fears as protection.
  • Ironhelm - A knight who will flee rather than fight if he can.
  • Sigmund - A knight with a fiery temper, allied with the giants.
  • Titus - A lord with great confidence in his five wizard underlings.
  • Voss - A knight who attempts to escape past the player with the portal gem in hand.
  • Ronin - This lord was killed by keeper Asmodeus before the player enters the picture.
  • Brutus - The lord of Sparklydell was killed by Keeper Morgana before the player arrives.[3] No information is given about him.
  • Bramble - Bramble was killed by keeper Malachai, all that remains of his presence are some heroic forces.
  • Tiberius - The lord of Peachtree, he guards his Mana Vaults well.
  • Volstag - This powerful lord commands a mighty army and lives in a well-guarded fortress.
  • Pureheart - The King's right-hand man, and the final lord to be faced. A worthy adversary.




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  1. The level intro and outro speeches imply Lady Catherine rules the land but may not be the Knight you fight.
  2. The party containing the Lord of the Land does not appear due to an oversight. This is fixed in Keeper FX.