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The Mentor serves as the series' unseen narrator and announces important information such as creature status and level events to the player. He is represented by a demonic, disembodied voice.

Dungeon Keeper[]

The first Dungeon Keeper actually has two Mentors: one each for the overworld and the underworld.

Underworld Mentor[]

Dene Carter

Dene Carter, the voice of the Mentor

This is the Mentor who provides information on what's happening in the game: he relays information about chthonian events that directly affect you, such as when your creatures, rooms, or Dungeon Heart are under attack, or when you are missing a vital room. He was voiced by Dene Carter, but is often misattributed to Richard Ridings,[2][3][4][5][6] who voiced the overworld Mentor and Dungeon Keeper 2's Mentor. The files are dated 17-18 April 1997.[7]

There are two earlier incarnations of the underworld Mentor: the first (known as 'Marsha') was voiced by an unidentified voice actress and its files are dated 22-26 January 1996, and pertains to the scrapped pre-revamp game. The second incarnation was voiced by Carter and its files are dated 4 October 1996, and is an early version of the third and final incarnation.[7]

The French version was voiced by Denis Savignat.[1]

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  • "Your creatures are becoming angry."
  • "Your creatures are angry; they have nowhere to live."
  • "Your minions are annoyed; you cannot pay them."
  • "Your creatures are upset because they are hungry."
  • "Your minions are vandalising your dungeon!"
  • "Creatures are deserting!"
  • "Your minions have lost a battle."
  • "Your creatures have won a battle."
  • "Your creatures are falling in battle."
  • "Your minions are winning a battle."
  • "Your creatures are under attack!"
  • "Your creatures are attacking the enemy!"
  • "Your creatures are fighting amongst themselves!"'
  • "One of your creatures is being scavenged!"
  • "One of your minions has been scavenged!"
  • "One of your creatures has joined the enemy."
  • "Secrets have been tortured from your creatures!"
  • "A Vampire has risen in your Graveyard."

  • "Your creatures need a bigger Lair."
  • "Food is scarce; enlarge your Hatchery."
  • "Your Barracks require expansion."
  • "Your (room) is too small."
  • "Your (room) is not big enough."
  • "You need a bigger (room)."
  • "Hungry creatures cannot get to a Hatchery."
  • "Some of your minions are unable to reach the Treasure Room."
  • "Some of your minions are unable to reach their Lairs."
  • "An Entrance has been claimed."
  • "You have lost an Entrance."
  • "You must build a Treasure Room, to store gold."
  • "You need to build a Lair for your creatures."
  • "You should build a Hatchery to feed your minions."

  • "A new room has been researched."
  • "A new spell has been researched."
  • "A door has been manufactured."
  • "A trap has been manufactured."
  • "There is nothing left to research."

  • "Your gold reserves are running low."
  • "You do not have enough gold."
  • "The enemy has broken through your walls!"
  • "Your dungeon heart is being attacked!"
  • "The enemy is destroying your rooms!"
  • "You are losing territory."
  • "You have claimed an enemy room."
  • "You have taken control of a new room."
  • "Beware; the Lord of the Land approaches."
  • "The battle is over."
  • "It is payday."
  • "Information has been tortured from the enemy."
  • "An enemy has been converted to your cause."
  • "A prisoner has died and risen as a skeleton."
  • "A torture victim has died and returned as a ghost."
  • "You have defeated an enemy keeper."
  • "You have been defeated."
  • "You have conquered this realm!"
  • "Master, I sense the presence of the Avatar!"
  • "What trickery is this?! The Avatar's body has vanished!"
  • "You are victorious! Your darkness pervades throughout the kingdom - all hail the new Lord of shadows!"
  • "You have taken an enemy's spell book."
  • "You have taken an enemy's trap design."
  • "You have taken an enemy's door design."
  • "The enemy has stolen a spell book."
  • "A trap design has been taken from you."
  • "The enemy has taken a door design."
  • "Your creatures have discovered a mysterious magic box."
  • "Your creatures have found a spell."
  • "A door design has been discovered."
  • "A trap design has been discovered."
  • "New creatures have joined your dungeon."
  • "You have tunnelled into a new area."
  • "The entire realm has been revealed to you."
  • "You may ressurect one creature."
  • "Select a creature to take with you to the next realm."
  • "So be it."
  • "You have bewitched a hero."
  • "Your creatures have been doubled in number."
  • "Your creatures have been blessed with experience."
  • "Your dungeon has been fortified."
  • "You have found a hidden realm! Go there when you have conquered this land."
  • "Your prisoners are escaping."
  • "Your prisoners are starving to death."
  • "You have freed your creatures from prison."
  • "The gods are pleased with your sacrifice."
  • "The gods have rewarded your offering."
  • "The gods do not care for your sacrifice."
  • "Your offering has made the gods angry!"
  • "The gods have punished your unworthy offering!"
  • "This is no wishing well, Keeper!"
  • "You cannot give your Imps any more jobs."
  • "Game loaded."
  • "Game saved."

  • "My God. It's full of pies."
  • "Something surreal is happening."
  • "Your creatures are developing a strange accent."
  • "Your pants are definitely too tight."
  • "Your minions have a craving for chocolate."
  • "There's that smell again..."
  • "Hello?"
  • Expression of disgust
  • "Achoo!"
  • Cough

    • "クリーチャー (いか) (はじ) めた。"
    • "クリーチャーが (おこ) っている。 () 場所 (ばしょ) () いからだ。"
    • "手下 (てした) 不機嫌 (ふきげん) だ。財宝 (ざいほう) () りないせいだ。"
    • "クリーチャーが空腹 (くうふく) (いら) ついている。"
    • "手下 (てした) がダンジョンを破壊 (はかい) している。"
    • "手下 (てした) () っていく。"
    • "手下 (てした) 戦闘 (せんとう) () けた。"
    • "手下 (てした) (てき) (たお) した。"
    • "手下 (てした) 戦闘 (せんとう) () けそうだ。"
    • "手下 (てした) (てき) (たお) しそうだ。"
    • "手下 (てした) 攻撃 (こうげき) されている。"
    • "手下 (てした) (てき) 攻撃 (こうげき) している。"
    • "仲間同士 (なかまどうし) (あらそ) っている。"
    • "クリーチャーが洗脳 (せんのう) () けている!"
    • "手下 (てした) 洗脳 (せんのう) された!"
    • "クリーチャーが敵に寝返 (ねがえ) った。"
    • "拷問 (ごうもん) された手下 (てした) から秘密 (ひみつ) () れた。 "
    • "墓場 (はかば) バンパイア復活 (ふっかつ) した。 "

  • "もっと (ひろ) ねぐら用意 (ようい) しろ。"
  • "食糧不足 (しょくりょうふそく) だ、鶏小屋 (にわとりごや) (ひろ) げろ。"
  • "兵舎 (へいしゃ) をもっと (ひろ) くしろ。"
  • "もっと (ひろ) 宝物庫 (ほうもつくら) 用意 (ようい) しろ。"
  • "図書館 (としょかん) (せま) () ぎる。"
  • "牢獄 (ろうごく) (せま) () ぎる。"
  • "拷問室 (ごうもんしつ) をもっと (ひろ) げろ。"
  • " (ひろ) 訓練室 (くんれんしつ) 必要 (ひつよう) だ。"
  • "工房 (こうぼう) をもっと (ひろ) げろ。"
  • "洗脳室 (せんのうしつ) (せま) () ぎる。"
  • "もっと (おお) きな神殿 (しんでん) 必要 (ひつよう) だ。"
  • "墓場 (はかば) 死体 (したい) (あふ) れている。"
  • "手下 (てした) 鶏小屋 (にわとりごや) にたどり () けないぞ。"
  • "宝物庫 (ほうもつくら) にたどり () けない手下が () るぞ。"
  • "ねぐらにたどり () けない手下 (てした) () るぞ。"
  • "ゲート占領 (せんりょう) した。"
  • "ゲートを (うば) われた。"
  • "財宝 (ざいほう) () れる宝物庫 (ほうもつくら) (つく) れ。"
  • "クリーチャーの (ため) にねぐらを (つく) れ。"
  • "手下 (てした) (ため) 鶏小屋 (にわとりごや) (つく) れ。"

  • " (あたら) しい部屋 (へや) 開発 (かいはつ) された。"
  • " (あたら) しい魔法 (まほう) 開発 (かいはつ) された。"
  • "ドア完成 (かんせい) した。"
  • "トラップ完成 (かんせい) した。"
  • " (すべ) ての研究 (けんきゅう) 完了 (かんりょう) した。"

  • "財宝 (ざいほう) がもう (いく) らも () い。"
  • "財宝 (ざいほう) () りない。"
  • " (てき) (かべ) 突破 (とっぱ) した!"
  • "ダンジョンハート攻撃 (こうげき) されている!"
  • " (てき) 部屋 (へや) 破壊 (はかい) しているぞ。"
  • "領地 (りょうち) (うしな) いそうだ。"
  • " (てき) 部屋 (へや) 占領 (せんりょう) した。"
  • " (あたら) しい部屋 (へや) 占領 (せんりょう) した。"
  • " () をつけろ!ロード (ちか) づいてきた!"
  • "戦闘 (せんとう) 終了 (しゅうりょう) 。"
  • "給料日 (きゅうりょうび) だ。"
  • "拷問 (ごうもん) した (てき) 情報 (じょうほう) () いた。"
  • " (てき) 此方 (こちら) 寝返 (ねがえ) った。"
  • " () んだ囚人 (しゅうじん) スケルトン () った。"
  • "拷問 (ごうもん) () んだものがゴースト () った。"
  • " (てき) キーパー () (たお) した。"
  • " () () れ、もうお (まえ) には (なに) () い。"
  • "見事 (みごと) 王国 (おうこく) 征服 (せいふく) した。"
  • "支配者 (しはいしゃ) よ、アバタール存在 (そんざい) (かん) じるぞ。"
  • "如何言 (どうい) (こと) だ、アバタール死体 (したい) () えている。"
  • "お (まえ) 勝利 (しょうり) だ!王国 (おうこく) (あく) (やみ) (おお) われた。 (あら) たなる (かげ) 帝王 (ていおう) 誕生 (たんじょう) だ!"
  • "魔法 (まほう) (しょ) (うば) った。"
  • "トラップの設計図 (せっけいず) (うば) った。"
  • "ドアの設計図 (せっけいず) (うば) った。"
  • "魔法 (まほう) の書を (うば) われた。 "
  • "トラップの設計図 (せっけいず) (うば) われた。"
  • "ドアの設計図 (せっけいず) (うば) われた。"
  • "クリーチャーが魔法 (まほう) (はこ) () つけた。"
  • "クリーチャーが魔法 (まほう) () つけた。"
  • "ドアの設計図 (せっけいず) () つかった。"
  • "トラップの設計図 (せっけいず) () つかった。"
  • " (あたら) しいクリーチャーが仲間入 (なかまい) りした。"
  • " (あたら) しい場所 (ばしょ) () つかった。"
  • "土地 (とち) 全体 (ぜんたい) (あき) らかになった。"
  • "クリーチャーを一人 (ひとり) 復活 (ふっかつ) 出来 (でき) 。"
  • " (つぎ) 王国 (おうこく) () れて () くクリーチャーを (えら) 。"
  • "よし、いいだろう。"
  • "勇者 (ゆうしゃ) 一人 (ひとり) 仲間 (なかま) にした。"
  • "クリーチャーの (かず) (ばい) () った。 "
  • "神々 (かみがみ) 恩恵 (おんけい) クリーチャーの経験値 (けいけんち) () がった。"
  • "ダンジョンの (まも) りは鉄壁 (てっぺき) () った。"
  • "秘密 (ひみつ) 王国 (おうこく) 発見 (はっけん) した。 () 土地 (とち) 征服 (せいふく) 次第 (しだい) 其処 (そこ) () かえ。"
  • "囚人共 (しゅうじんども) 脱走 (だっそう) した。"
  • "囚人達 (しゅうじんたち) () () にしそうだ。"
  • "手下 (てした) 牢獄 (ろうごく) から解放 (かいほう) した。 "
  • " (かみ) 生贄 (いけにえ) () () った (よう) だ。"
  • " (かみ) からの褒美 (ほうび) () けた。 "
  • " (かみ) 生贄 (いけにえ) () () らない (よう) だ。"
  • " (そな) (もの) (かみ) (おこ) らせた。"
  • " (ひど) (そな) (もの) (いか) り、天罰 (てんばつ) (くだ) した。"
  • "キーパーよ、此所 (ここ) 願掛 (がんか) けの井戸 (いど) では () い。"
  • "一寸 (ちょっと) () っていれ! "[Note 1]
  • "ゲームロード。"
  • "ゲームセーブ。"

  • " (かみ) よ、 (たの) しい (こと) だらけだ。"
  • " (おも) いもよらない (こと) ばかりだ。"
  • "クリーチャーが (なに) やら (しゃべ) っている。"
  • "お (まえ) のズボンはどう見てもきつ () ぎる。"
  • "手下 (てした) がチョコレートを (とて) () しがっている。"
  • " (また) () (にお) いだ。"
  • "よう"
  • Expression of disgust
  • Sneeze
  • Cough

  • [8]

    Classical Latin version[]

    In 2010, GodmyX, a devoted fan of Dungeon Keeper, transcribed all the Mentor's English voice lines into classical Latin, and released a patch that would implement the Latin voice lines into the game. He had been inspired by the medieval Gregorian choir, which can be heard in the intro, as well as by the Pseudo-Latin names of the spells. He adopted the Latin pronunciation that was commonly used in Central Europe during the Middle Ages.

    Early voices[]

    These voiceovers can be found on the Dungeon Keeper Goodies Disc.

    • "Your gold reserves are running low."
    • "You do not have enough money for that."
    • "Your creatures need more food."
    • "Your creatures need more living space."
    • "Your creatures are becoming angry!"
    • "Your creatures are vandalising your dungeon!."
    • "Some of your creatures are leaving!"
    • "Your dungeon has been breached!"
    • "Your dungeon heart is under attack!"
    • "Your creatures are falling in battle."
    • "Your creatures are winning the battle."
    • "Your creatures are under attack!"
    • "Your rooms are being attacked by the enemy!"
    • "You are losing territory!"
    • "You have taken control of an enemy room."
    • "The Lord of the Land has joined the enemy ranks!"
    • "You need a bigger (room)."
    • "You cannot build that there."
    • "A new item has been researched."
    • "A new item has been manufactured."
    • "Your minions have discovered a new item."
    • "Your minions have discovered a new creature."
    • "Your minions have discovered some new creatures."
    • "Secrets have been tortured from the enemy."
    • "An enemy has been subverted."
    • "A creature has risen from the dead, as a skeleton."
    • "Gaolbreak!"
    • "Undead have risen in your graveyard."
    • "You have freed some of your creatures from prison."
    • "The gods are pleased with your sacrifice."
    • "The gods have rewarded your sacrifice."
    • "Your imps are overworked."
    • "Your wall could use fortification."
    • "One of your enemies has been defeated."
    • "You are victorious!"
    • "You have been defeated!"
    • "The level is complete."
    • "Press Escape to continue."
    • "All is quiet."
    1. "As you command, sire!"
    2. "Yes, master!"
    3. "It shall be!"
    4. "Very well."
    5. "Aye, my lord!"
    6. "Consider it done!"
    7. "It will give me great pleasure!"
    8. "I am yours to command!"
    9. "Your mana reserve is low."
    10. "Your gold reserves are low."
    11. "Mana reserve is very low."
    12. "Your Mana is exhausted."
    13. "You have no gold left."
    14. "Treasure has been stolen."
    15. "The Counting House has been raided!"
    16. "A new creature has been summoned."
    17. "A new creature has arrived."
    18. "New creatures have been summoned."
    19. "New creatures have arrived."
    20. "Someone good is in the dungeon."
    21. "An impostor walks among us!"
    22. "Thieves have penetrated the Lair!"
    23. "Intruders are in the dungeon!"
    24. "Explorer are with us."
    25. "Outsiders have discovered a way in!"
    26. "There are more of them!"
    27. "Others are among us!"
    28. "And another!"
    29. "They keep coming!"
    30. "Outsiders have discovered a way in!" (different tone to the one above)
    31. "Intruders are escaping!"
    32. "The foe has eluded us!"
    33. "Intruders have escaped!"
    34. "We've lost our quarry!"
    35. "Creature destroyed!"
    36. "Troll slain!"
    37. "Beetle destroyed!"
    38. "Sorcerer destroyed!"
    39. "Fly destroyed!"
    40. "Dragon slain!"
    41. "Tentacle destroyed!"
    42. "Skeleton destroyed!"
    43. "Imp obliterated!"
    44. "Demon Spawn destroyed!"
    45. "Horned Reaper vanquished!"
    46. "Perfidious Yuck banished!"
    47. "Ghoul Hound slain!"
    48. "Vampire defeated!"
    49. "Revenant dispelled!"
    50. "Spider destroyed!"
    51. "Dark Mistress slain!"
    52. "Intruder destroyed!"
    53. "Hero annihilated!"
    54. "Explorer destroyed!"
    55. "Interloper dealt with!"
    56. "Trespasser punished!"
    57. "New research has been completed."
    58. "A new trap has been researched."
    59. "New room researched."
    60. "New magics have been discovered."
    61. "A new spell has been researched."
    62. "New corporeal creatures will work for you."
    63. "New magical creatures are available for hire."
    64. "A better door design is available."
    65. "Trolls are available for hire."
    66. "Beetles will work for you."
    67. "Sorcerers seek employment."
    68. "Flies will work for you."
    69. "Dragons are available for hire."
    70. "Scum Tentacles seek refuge with you."
    71. "Skeletons have become available."
    72. "Demon Spawns seek employment."
    73. "Horned Reapers will work for you."
    74. "Perfidious Yuck are available for hire."
    75. "Ghoul Hounds seek refuge with you."
    76. "Vampires will work for you."
    77. "Revenants have become available."
    78. "Spiders seek employment."
    79. "Dark Mistresses are available for hire."
    80. "A new construction is now available."
    81. "A door has been battered down!"
    82. "You can build a new entrance."
    83. "Now you can build a Torture Chamber."
    84. "You can build a Counting House"
    85. "Now you can build a Kitchen."
    86. "You can construct a Training Room."
    87. "You can now build an Infirmary."
    88. "You are now able to build a Dark Library."
    89. "You can build a Minor Summoning Chamber."
    90. "You can build a Major Summoning Chamber."
    91. "You can build Wooden Doors."
    92. "You can build Braced Doors."
    93. "You can build Iron Doors."
    94. "You can build a Hive."
    95. "You may now dig a Grave."
    96. "You may now build a Tomb."
    97. "You may now build a Crypt."
    98. "You can build a Dragon's Chamber."
    99. "A creature is ready for training."
    100. "Training is completed."
    101. "A creature has completed its training."
    102. "A creature's experience has increased."
    103. "Revenant raised."
    104. "Skeleton raised."
    105. "Vampire raised."
    106. "Some of your minions are rebelling!"
    107. "Some of your hirelings are hungry for flesh."
    108. "Hunger weakens the rank and file."
    109. "Some of your hirelings have become disobedient!"
    110. "Magical creatures have been paid."
    111. "Corporeal creatures have been paid."
    112. "Creatures demand more money."
    113. "Trolls demand more money."
    114. "Beetles demand more."
    115. "Flies demand more."
    116. "Sorcerers demand a more lucrative reward."
    117. "Dragons demand a greater share of your treasure."
    118. "Scum Tentacles want more money."
    119. "Spiders demand more."
    120. "Dark mIstresses want higher pay."
    121. "Imps demand more mana."
    122. "Demon Spawn demand more mana."
    123. "Vampires demand more mana."
    124. "Skeletons demand more mana."
    125. "Horned Reapers demand more mana."
    126. "Perfidious Yuck demand more mana."
    127. "Ghoul Hounds demand more mana."
    128. "Revenants demand more mana."
    129. "Creatures accept your offer."
    130. "Your powers of persuasion have won the day!"
    131. "Trolls are satisfied with their pay."
    132. "Beetles have settled for the scraps you have thrown them."
    133. "Flies are satisfied with their lot."
    134. "Sorcerers are content with their earnings."
    135. "Dragons are happy with their reward."
    136. "Scum Tentacles accept your pay offer."
    137. "Spiders settle for your offer."
    138. "The dispute with the Dark Mistresses is settled."
    139. "Your Imps will work for this much mana."
    140. "Demon Spawn accept their new wages."
    141. "Vampires settle for the mana on offer."
    142. "The Skeletons agree to your terms."
    143. "Your offer is acceptable to the Horned Reapers."
    144. "You have reached an agreement with the Perfidious Yuck."
    145. "Ghoul Hounds howl in pleasure at your offer."
    146. "Your terms satisfy the Revenants."
    147. "The Fireblast spell is available."
    148. "The Magma Blast spell is available."
    149. "The Freeze spell is available."
    150. "The Skin of Armour spell is available."
    151. "The Lightning Fork spell is available."
    152. "The Reflect spell is available."
    153. "The Restoration spell is available."
    154. "The Spore Cloud spell is available."
    155. "The Invisibility spell is available."
    156. "The Teleporation spell is available."
    157. "The Accelerator spell is available."
    158. "The Slubberdegullion spell is avaiable."
    159. "The Draw Vitality spell is available."
    160. "The Lizard spell is available."
    161. "The Guided Lizard Spirit spell is available."
    162. "The Hurricane spell is available."
    163. "The Illumination spell is available."
    164. "The Flight spell is available."
    165. "Clairvoyance spell is available."
    166. "The Combustible Lizard spell is available."
    167. "The Hailstorm spell is available."
    168. "The Word of Power spell is available."
    169. "Your Lair is undisturbed."
    170. "The dungeon is quiet for now."
    171. "Building begins."
    172. "Tunnel commencing."
    173. "Construction complete."
    174. "New area ready for use."
    175. "A new trap is available."
    176. "Trap placed."
    177. "Trap activated."
    178. "Trap disarmed."
    179. "The Alarm is available."
    180. "The Booby Trap is available."
    181. "The Mushroom Trap is available."
    182. "The Fireblast Magnet is available."
    183. "Conductor Trap is available."
    184. "The Power Trap is available."
    185. "The Teleport Trap is available."
    186. "The Mine Zap Trap is available."
    187. "Alarm needs resetting."
    188. "Booby Trap needs resetting."
    189. "Fireblast magnet needs resetting."
    190. "Conductor needs resetting."
    191. "Power Trap needs resetting."
    192. "Freeze Trap needs resetting."
    193. "Teleport Trap needs resetting."
    194. "Mine Zap needs resetting."
    195. "Intruders have discovered your Dungeon Heart!"
    196. "Intruders have discovered your Infirmary!"
    197. "Intruders have discovered your Dark Library!"
    198. "Intruders have discovered your Training Room!"
    199. "Intruders have discovered your Torture Chamber!"
    200. "Intruders have discovered your Counting House!"
    201. "Intruders have discovered your Kitchen!"
    202. "Intruders have discovered your Crypt!"
    203. "Intruders have discovered your Dragon's Lair!"
    204. "Intruders have discovered your Hive!"
    205. "Intruders have discovered your Parlour!"
    206. "Intruders have discovered your Minor Summoning Chamber!"
    207. "Intruders have discovered your Major Summoning Chamber!"
    208. "Intruders have discovered your Grave!"
    209. "Intruders have discovered your Tomb!"
    210. "Intruders are destroying your Dungeon Heart!"
    211. "Intruders are destroying your Infirmary!"
    212. "Intruders are destroying your Dark Library!"
    213. "Intruders are destroying your Training Room!"
    214. "Intruders are destroying your Torture Chamber!"
    215. "Intruders are destroying your Counting House!"
    216. "Intruders are destroying your Kitchen!"
    217. "Intruders are destroying your Grave!"
    218. "Intruders are destroying your Tomb!"
    219. "Intruders are destroying your Crypt!"
    220. "Intruders are destroying your Dragon's Lair!"
    221. "Intruders are destroying your Hive!"
    222. "Intruders are destroying your Parlour!"
    223. "Intruders are destroying your Minor Summoning Chamber!"
    224. "Intruders are destroying your Major Summoning Chamber!"
    225. "Your Infirmary has been destroyed!"
    226. "Your Dark Library has been ransacked!"
    227. "Your Training Room has been destroyed!"
    228. "Your Torture Chamber has been destroyed!"
    229. "Your Counting House has been plundered!"
    230. "Your Minor Summoning Chamber has been destroyed!"
    231. "Your Major Summoning Chamber has been destroyed!"
    232. "Your Kitchen has been destroyed!"
    233. "Your Grave has been destroyed!"
    234. "Your Tomb has been destroyed!"
    235. "Your Crypt has been destroyed!"
    236. "Your Dragon's Lair has been destroyed!"
    237. "Your Hive has been destroyed!"
    238. "Your Parlour has been destroyed!"
    239. "Your Infirmary is being repaired."
    240. "Your Dark Library is being repaired."
    241. "Your Training Room is being repaired."
    242. "Your Torture Chamber is being repaired."
    243. "Your Counting House is being repaired."
    244. "Your Minor Summoning Chamber is being repaired."
    245. "Your Major Summoning Chamber is being repaired."
    246. "Your Kitchen is being repaired."
    247. "Your Grave is being repaired."
    248. "Your Tomb is being repaired."
    249. "Your Crypt is being repaired."
    250. "Your Dragon's Lair is being repaired."
    251. "Your Hive is being repaired."
    252. "Your Parlour is being repaired."
    253. "The Dungeon Heart is under attack!"
    254. "The Dungeon Heart is being repaired."
    255. "More Imps are needed to do that."
    256. "Summon more Imps."
    257. "You can't build that here!"
    258. "You do no thave sufficient mana."
    259. "You haven't enough mana."
    260. "You need more gold."
    261. "Acquire more riches."
    262. "Already building to capacity."
    263. "Your Counting House is full."
    264. "Food has run out!"
    265. "Your Kitchen is fully stocked."
    266. "Your Dark Library is fully occupied."
    267. "Select a device."

    281. "You can build a Parlour."
    "Master, the humans send their champion against us!"

    Overworld Mentor[]

    This Mentor introduces each level (usually by expressing either hatred for it due to the inhabitants' gaiety, tranquillity, and conviviality, or an earnest visualisation of how unleashing hell on them would be an improvement, but does little to prepare the player for what's in store for them), and summarises and revels in the realm's new fate after you've conquered it. He was voiced by Richard Ridings. There is also an earlier incarnation, who was voiced by an unidentified voice actor, and is available on the Goodies Disc.[7]

    Richard Ridings Unknown

    The French version was voiced by Pierre Prévost.[1]

    Only the original, official campaign has this Mentor; fan campaigns all have their own overworld Mentor, typically the person who created the campaign.

    Dungeon Keeper 2[]

    Richard Ridings

    Richard Ridings, the voice of the Mentor

    The English Mentor in Dungeon Keeper 2 was voiced entirely by Richard Ridings. The focus of level introduction shifts greatly, from vilification of the inhabitants' gaiety, tranquillity, and conviviality to strategic analyses of what you're up against and how you could conquer the realm, as well as the main focus of the level itself, leaving the player with an idea of what to expect before they actually enter the level. He is much more perspicacious in-game too: his narration is much more sagacious, and goes into much greater detail on how the game works and what's happening, both in general and specifically in the level, compared to the first game. Should you fail a level, he lambasts you with great acrimony.

    The relationship between you and him seems to be different to before: while it seems similar or even more intimate most of the time, should you displease him by failing to meet his expectations, some of his lines suggest that you are answerable to him in some fashion, as opposed to him merely being your guide.

    • "A Dwarf has converted. These bearded folk fight viciously when attacked, and prove to be a nuisance to their enemies."
    • "A Knight has turned to your cause, he will serve you well as a strong frontline soldier."
    • "Giants make useful converts. As well as being formidable in combat, they are extremely adept at manufacturing Workshop items."
    • "A Wizard has been persuaded to join your side. Like the Warlock, they are good support creatures, and can also research in the Library."
    • "A Guard has entered your ranks, this stalwart minion can hold off many enemies with his lance.
    • "Your creatures like you as their master."
    • "Your creatures rate you as their all-time favourite keeper."
    • "Your creatures are impressed with your work."
    • "Your creatures are happy with your dungeon."
    • "Your creatures are in awe of your talents."
    • "A new species of creature has entered your dungeon."
    • "A Vampire has risen in your graveyard."
    • "A (Creature) has become unhappy because s\he is in the company of creatures s\he hates."
    • "A (Creature) has become unhappy because s\he has no food."
    • "A (Creature) has become unhappy because s\he has no lair."
    • "A (Creature) has become unhappy because s\he has not been paid."
    • "A (Creature) has become unhappy because s\he has no work."
    • "A (Creature) has become unhappy because s\he has been slapped."
    • "Your creatures need a place to rest. Build them a lair."
    • "You need a graveyard to store corpses."
    • "Jackpot winner!"
    • "Your dungeon has been breached!"
    • "Your dungeon is under attack!"
    • "Your dungeon heart is under attack!"
    • "Your creatures are rebelling!"
    • "It's payday."
    • "Big monsters, big prizes - I love it!"
    • "One of your imps does a great impression of you; he can even do the ears!" (After acquiring 20 imps)
    • "Keeper, your dungeon is emptier than your head." (After not having any creatures besides imps for an extended period of time)
    • "Your dungeon floor is lumpy. Order your minions to jump up and down."
    • "Your nocturnal perseverance has earned you a hidden gaming tip: GO TO BED!" (achieved by staying up late to play Dungeon Keeper 2)
    • "Your dungeon is on an incline, angry creatures cannot play marbles."
    • "A neutral creature sends word that he can't make it today."
    • "Your dungeon is full of yogurt."
    • "Your dungeon is damp, install central heating."
    • "A lost soul has entered your dungeon. Oh, no, it's wandered out again."
    • "You have an excess of Mistresses. There's a word for keepers like you." (After acquiring 10 Mistresses)
    • "Micro-piglets stalk your dungeon - beware."
    • "It is the witching hour. All curses are half price." (Between midnight and 1am)
    • "Never eat anything bigger than your own head, Keeper."
    • "Keeper, you have something unpleasant under your fingernail."
    • "Your lair has been recarpeted."
    • "Your minions demand cable."
    • "Surely even Dungeon Keepers must retire to a lair of some description..." (achieved by staying up late to play Dungeon Keeper 2)
    • "You know that low, broad, downy soft item of furniture in the next room? It has the power to cure fatigue and restore vitality." (achieved by staying up late to play Dungeon Keeper 2)
    • "You'll go blind, you know." (achieved by holding the screen over a Mistress/es torturing themselves for too long, without moving the mouse)
    • (drunk) Your creatures demand cakes and fine wines.
    • "If you were any kind of real Keeper, you would've won by now." (If taking too long to beat the level)


    • In the game War for the Overworld, which is a spiritual successor to the Dungeon Keeper series, the narrator is voiced by the Mentor's voice actor, Richard Ridings. The difference in War for the Overworld, is that the narrator is an actual character named Mendechaus, who is an ancient dark god. He also sounds signifcinatly less serious in that game, as he will speak in a more comedic and less serious manner than the Mentor.
    • The entity wasn't officially referred to as the Mentor until Dungeon Keeper 2.[9][10] However, the name's use has since been extended to include the first game's voiceovers, at least unofficially. Also, the fact that, even in localisations, there were separate voice actors doing the voices for the first game's levels Mentor and the in-game one suggests that Bullfrog likely considered them to be discrete entities. Regardless, most fans think of the Mentor as a single character.


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