Mercenary Portal
Dungeon Room
Appears in Dungeon Keeper 2
Attracts Friendly Heroes
Health per Tile 10000
The Mercenary Portal is a structure that summons in friendly heroes called Mercenaries.


The Mercenary Portal is the means of summoning Heroes for your cause in Dungeon Keeper 2. It was added to the game with the 1.2 Patch, but only appears in some skirmish maps and makes no apperance in Campaign mode. It serves as the entry point for all recruitable Heroes except the Lord of the Land, The Princes, King Reginald, Dwarves and Stone Knights. Like ordinary Portals, it allows 15 creatures through the first one claimed, with an additional 5 creatures for each portal claimed afterwards.

The Mercenary Portal is a 3x3 room.

The Mercenary Portal looks noticably different from the other rooms in Dungeon Keeper 2, and appears to be made out of light coloured stones. Unlike ordinary Portals, the Mercenary Portal does not contain a hole for creatures to appear from, instead it looks as if it teleports the Heroes instead, possibly from the Overworld.

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