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Meteor (also known as Fire Bomb[4][5]) is a powerful creature spell in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper Online which is capable of dealing large quantities of damage.

Dungeon Keeper[]

"More powerful that [sic] the fireball, this spell throws out a solid ball of fire which does a lot of damage to an enemy."
— Dungeon Keeper Manual

Meteor is a projectile spell and can be considered an upgraded version of the Fireball spell. When cast, it launches a large, flaming rock at high speed. This spell can deal decent damage on a direct hit and lesser damage with splash damage in a small area around the impact site, and is possible for a creature to hurt itself or friendly creatures slightly when using it. The meteor is supposed to explode when impacting units as well, but because of a bug, this does not happen.

Due to the extreme power of the spell, it has a habit of turning any creature killed by it into an unrecognizable bloody mess. Despite this, they can be turned into Vampires in the Graveyard. Frozen creatures will shatter and explode.

A Meteor can destroy a Boulder Trap, as long as it's moving. Stationary ones are unaffected.

The Dungeon Keeper Goodies Disc contains wave files of Mentor dialogue that were cut from the game, one of which mentioning a 'Magma Blast' spell being available.[6] This is possibly this spell, or an early version of it.

It seems that the Lava Trap icon was once used for the Meteor spell in high-resolution mode.


Dungeon Keeper Online[]

The spell (whose name translated roughly to Bombardment) damages surrounding things as well as its target.[1]


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