DK1 MAP00017
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Level Number 17
Preceded By Tulipscent
Followed By Blaise End
Enemy Keepers 0

Mirthshire is the 17th level in Dungeon Keeper.

Mirthshire is a Tower Defense map. You must thwart incoming adventurers seeking battle and treasure. These parties are said to have "moved quickly to mobilise their forces against you" and do indeed start tunneling in just before the first Payday elapses.

The objective is to kill or capture a certain Level 6 Lord of the Land (Earl Russ[1]) leading the final party.


Claim the two portals, lay down some good-sized rooms, and train the first 8 Creatures that call. It's a cinch. Numerous as the Heroes are, their levels are rather low for this late stage, and a well-drilled death squad can waste their silly little parties.

This is not the only approach and certainly not the most inventive. Getting rid of the Knight that spawns at ~29 minutes is the necessary and sufficient condition for winning the map, and it does not matter how it is done.

It is possible to wall-in the south portal and, with foreknowledge of exactly where to tunnel, the far west-side Gem Seam, and remain completely safe and insulated. This grants you freedom from the limits imposed by the Heroes' timed ingress; i.e., the Dungeon you want, when you want it. There is also unclaimed dirt around the north Portal. An Imp can be dropped out there to tunnel around; could be useful since SightofEvil Icon Small Sight of Evil is unavailable here.


Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 18
Starting Gold 7500
Starting Forces 7 Level 1 Imps
1 Level 10 Imp
May Attract
        Warlock-icon Bile-demon-icon Dragon-icon  
Orc-icon Dark-mistress-icon Tentacle-icon Hound-icon     Vampire-icon  
May Create or Summon
Imp-icon       Skeleton-icon Ghost-icon Vampire-icon  
Treasure Room Icon Small Lair Icon Small Hatchery Icon Small Training Room Icon Small
Library Icon Small   Guard Post Icon Small Workshop Icon Small
Prison Icon Small Torture Room Icon Small Barracks Icon Small Temple Icon Small
Graveyard Icon Small ScavengerRoom Icon Small
Possession Icon Small CreateImp Icon Small   SpeedMonster Icon Small
  CallToArms Icon Small ConcealMonster Icon Small  
CaveIn Icon Small   Trap Lightning Small ProtectMonster Icon Small
      DestroyWalls Icon Small
Traps & Doors
Trap Alarm Small Trap Gas Small Trap Lightning Small Trap Lava Small
Trap Boulder Small Trap Word Small
    Door Iron Small Door Magic Small
  • Portal Speed: 500 Turns
  • Creature Pool:
Orc-icon Orc     30
Dark-mistress-icon Mistress 15
Tentacle-icon Tentacle 15
Hound-icon Hound 11
Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon 9
Warlock-icon Warlock 7
Dragon-icon Dragon 5
Vampire-icon Vampire 3
  • Specials
Increase Level - Southeast Dungeon
Locate Hidden World - South Dungeon, unguarded, reveals the hidden realm Secret 4
Multiply Creatures - In the dirt beyond the gold seam immediately west
Make Safe - Northwest Dungeon, trapped and guarded
  • Neutral Assets
Portal Icon Small Portal - South, safe to excavate
Portal Icon Small Portal - North, exposed to one Hero Gate
Gem Seam - 2 open faces - far west side
Two Archer-icon Archers (6) - imprisoned, north end


To summarize: there are just a few heroes already on the board (Wanderers section, below). Over the course of a half-hour some 70 more Heroes come in, as parties, through various Hero Gates (Groups section, below). They are led by Tunneler-icon Tunneller dwarves. The timers are unconditional. The exact schedule is given in the Events section below.


Mountain-dwarf-icon3 Mountain-dwarf-icon3 Mountain-dwarf-icon3 Mountain-dwarf-icon3 Mountain-dwarf-icon3 Mountain-dwarf-icon3 - in the open dirt, west

Archer-icon3 Archer-icon3 - Guarding the Increase Level, southeast

Fairy-icon10 Fairy-icon5 Fairy-icon5 Fairy-icon5 Fairy-icon5 - Guarding the Make Safe, northeast


  • Hero Party "ONE"
Tunneler-icon1 Thief-icon2 Thief-icon2 Thief-icon2 Archer-icon3 - 1950 gold.
A party of lowly thieves that gets generated repeatedly, from a different Hero Gate each time.
  • Hero Party "TWO"
Tunneler-icon1 Archer-icon3 Archer-icon3 Archer-icon3 Archer-icon3 - 2250 gold
A team of archers.
  • Hero Party "THREE"
Tunneler-icon1 Priestess-icon5 Mountain-dwarf-icon3 Mountain-dwarf-icon3 - 1650 gold
The Priestess in this party uses a Wind icon small Wind spell that will blow friends and foes everywhere. This party appears twice.
  • Hero Party "FOUR"
Tunneler-icon1 Barbarian-icon5 Barbarian-icon5 Giant-icon5 Giant-icon5 - 2650 gold
A party of brutes, led by the customary level 1 Tunneller mercenary that seems to spawn with every group.
  • Hero Party "FIVE"
Tunneler-icon1 Priestess-icon6 Priestess-icon6 - 2250 gold
Two priestesses with very low damage and, again, the Wind spell.
  • Hero Party "SIX"
Tunneler-icon1 Monk-icon3 Monk-icon3 Monk-icon3 - 3850 gold
Witless anchorites that are lugging their tithe boxes down here for some reason.
  • Hero Party "XX"
Tunneler-icon6 Barbarian-icon5 Barbarian-icon5 Barbarian-icon5 Barbarian-icon5 Barbarian-icon5 Barbarian-icon5 - 6250 gold
A tough group of Barbarians loosely attached to the Lord of the Land. The Tunneller is powered-up, too.
  • Hero Party "YY"
Tunneler-icon6 Priestess-icon9 Priestess-icon9 - 2250 gold
With Trap Lightning Small Lightning, Heal Icon Small Heal, and Navigatingmissile icon small Navigating Missile, these Priestesses are far more dangerous than the earlier ones.
  • Hero Party "FINAL"
Tunneler-icon6 Knight-icon6 Archer-icon5 Archer-icon5 Archer-icon5 Archer-icon5 - 5950 gold
The Lord of the Land and his party seem, like the other opponents in Mirthshire, somewhat under-leveled.


This map runs a steady, timed release of the hostile parties listed above, all through Hero Gates. Note that they don't enter in the order of their "NUMBER."

Hero Gate Locations
  1. South Dungeon
  2. Southeast Dungeon
  3. Northeast Dungeon
  4. North Dungeon
  5. Northwest Dungeon
  6. Southwest Dungeon
  7. Southwest Dungeon


Briefing Message
"Your location is already known to the heroes of this land. They have moved quickly to mobilise their forces against you. It's pathetic. They deserve to have their heads impaled on lances for such impudence."
Turn 8500
Hero Party "ONE" enters through Gate 4
Turn 9000, Message
"The heroes of this realm possess treasures of great power. Obviously, these should belong to you. I'm certain you will settle the matter of their ownership in your own way."
Turn 10,050
Party "THREE" enters through Gate 2
Turn 11,500
Party "ONE" enters through Gate 3
Turn 13,250
Party "TWO" enters through Gate 6
Turn 15,500
Party "ONE" disembarks at Gate 5 and heads for Baggage Claim
Turn 17,050
Three parties charge in at this moment. "THREE" enters again, at Gate 5. "FIVE" enters at Gate 4. "SIX" enters at Gate 3.
Turn 18,500
Party "ONE" enters through Gate 1
Turn 20,000
Party "FOUR" enters through Gate 1
Turn 22,500
Party "ONE" enters through Gate 6
Turn 32,000
The parties "XX", "YY", and "FINAL" all simultaneously pile in through Gate 7.

Other FeaturesEdit

As in Tulipscent, this realm is dotted with small, White-owned fortifications that can be explored and looted.

An extremely rare Multiply Creatures special is in a big cavern just to the west, past the Gold Vein, along with six Mountain-dwarf-icon Mountain Dwarves.

The Northeast and Southwest Dungeons have Trap Boulder Small Boulder Traps. Northeast has a small Treasure Room Icon Small Treasure Room with 10,000 gold. Southwest has a Treasure Room Icon Small Treasure Room with 7000 gold.

The Northwest Dungeon has several squares containing multiple Trap Gas Small Poison Gas Trap apiece, and with the Fairy-icon Fairies fluttering around a pool behind the door, one might have thought they meant this dangerous little area to hold the Hidden World. Instead, the Hidden World is in a room far to the south, quite obvious to see, and unguarded. All that's here is a Make Safe.

The North Dungeon lies in sight of the northern portal and contains a Prison Icon Small Prison with two unclaimed Archer-icon Archers (6) and a tiny Treasure Room Icon Small Treasure Room with 6200 gold.

Sound BytesEdit

"Mirthshire. Industrious citizens go about their daily business with care, enthusiasm, and diligence; there is no crime, and everybody is working for the common good. It is a disaster of a place, and deserves razing."
— The Mentor, Intro
"Dragon Tyne. We set fire to this place. It's still burning with a fierce, unnatural intensity— so we can't get anywhere near it— but we're sure you'll love it! Once it's cooled down a bit."
— Cannon Outro


  • This is the highest realm where the Outro narration bytes appear to be out-of-sync with the Intro bytes. These files are in the directory \SOUND\ATLAS\. The "GOOD" files should not be changed. As the Mentor reckoned the whole site ought to be burned to the ground, the most suitable match to Mirthshire, GOOD17.WAV, seems to be Dragon Tyne, BAD12.WAV.
  • The names for this level in other languages are as follows:
Translations: Mirthshire
Language Translation
French Allay-Gretz
Italian Contea Del Riso
German Glücksberg
Dutch Vreugdeland
Polish Uciechów
Russian Миртшайр
Japanese マースシャー
Chinese 快乐之郡 / 欢笑郡


  1. Prima's Official Guide To Dungeon Keeper Gold Edition. p. 206. Prima Publishing. 1998. ISBN 978-0-7615-1581-4.
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