This article is about the Hero unit in Dungeon Keeper. For the dwarf in Dungeon Keeper 2, see Dwarf.

Mountain Dwarf
Dk1 dwarfa huge
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Faction Heroes
Attracted By -- (DK1)
Treasure Room - 1 tile
Workshop - 9 tiles FX
Sacrifice Recipe --
Fighter Class Melee
Base Health 500
Spells Level 1 - Hand to Hand

Level 4 - Armour
Level 7 - Rebound

Possession Skills --
Immune to --
Likes Fighting, Manufacturing


"A good hand-to-hand fighter who makes a point of stealing any gold he finds lying about."
Dungeon Keeper Manual

Dwarves (also known as Mountain Dwarves) are kin to Tunnellers, but trained for fighting instead of digging.

Dwarves are excellent scouts: they are very fast (Speed 80, Imp is 96), and when they are designated by the game to lead parties, they cause the rest of the party to move apace with them. As with Thieves, Dungeon Keeper usually generates these heroes within parties that are under orders to loot the Treasure Room. This greedy behavior makes them noticeably less-focused in battle and easier prey for your creatures.

In overall combat prowess, Dwarves rank right alongside Demon Spawn and Skeletons. It's seldom worthwhile to capture and convert this type of hero. The mere existence of a Torture Chamber generally means the Keeper has access to superior creatures. They make a fine Skeleton, though.

Combat Statistics Edit

Base Health: 500
Base Strength: 50
Defence: 40
Base Skill: 30
Base Dexterity: 55
Luck: 2

See Query for more information on Health, Strength, Defence, Skill, Dexterity and Luck.

Tasks and Management Edit

Research Skill 1
Manufacturing Skill 3
Training Skill 1
Training Cost 5
Scavenging Skill 1
Scavenging Cost 6
Praying Anger -50 ∕ t
Sleeping Anger -3 ∕ t
Heal Icon Small in Lair +4 ∕ t
Hunger 2Chicken icon tiny ∕ 5000t

Notes Edit

  • Visually distinguished from the Tunneller by his red hair and battle axe. Tunnellers are blond dual-wielders.
  • Confusingly, in the Japanese version, it is the Tunneller Dwarf that is called the Mountain Dwarf, not this one, which is simply a Dwarf.[1]



  1. ダンジョンキーパープレミアム勇者撃退ガイド (in Japanese). pp. 42,43. Tokyo: NTT Publishing. 1998. ISBN 978-4-87188-897-4.

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