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Options Panel Dungeon Keeper

The Options Panel

In Dungeon Keeper, the Options Panel can be accessed by pressing the Esc key at the top left of your keyboard or simply by clicking on the panel. The Panel has six icons: Load, Save, Graphics, Sound, Computer Assistance, and Quit. 

Load and Save, and Quit are exactly what they say on the tin. Graphics enables you to adjust the graphics settings such as shadows, view distance, view type, wall height, and gamma correction. However, there is no option to adjust the screen resolution here; that's done by pressing ALT-R in-game. In Dungeon Keeper FX, however, such a button has been added here.

Sound enables you to set the volume for the sound effects and music. However, you cannot control the atmospheric sounds from here; that's done outside the game via the AWE Control Panel and the -usersfont switch (original game only). In Dungeon Keeper FX, they cannot yet be controlled, only enabled/disabled by editing keeperfx.cfg.

Computer Assistance enables you to set its type when enabled (that's done via the Control Panel).