Peter Molyneux was Dungeon Keeper's project leader.[1][2]

He came up with the concept during a traffic jam and became so preoccupied, that he hadn't realised when the traffic had moved. He wrote the testbed, the computer player, and the Computer Assistance.[3] In mid-1996, Molyneux tendered his resignation to Electronic Arts, who expelled him from its offices. The development team therefore moved to his house to complete the game's development.[4]

After the final build was put out, Molyneux (after having a quarrel during a jolly at the pub) played a multiplayer match with programmer Jonty Barnes against testers Andy Robson and Andy Trowers. Molyneux and Barnes applied a patch to the game, which they claimed improved the network code, but in fact enabled them to cheat by giving themselves more Gold at will. Despite this, they lost.[5]

Molyneux once claimed that there's an Easter Egg that turns the Dark-mistress-icon Mistress naked,[6] but no trace of it has ever been found.

Molyneux was not involved in the development of Dungeon Keeper 2, but said that he liked what was done with it. However, he also said that he would have focused on expanding the sense of building the best dungeon.[7]

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