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Not to be confused with Poison Trap.
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The Poison Gas Trap (DK1[1] and DK2[2]) or Gas Trap (DK2[3]) is a basic trap in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2 that releases toxic vapours when activated.

Dungeon Keeper[]

The Poison Gas Trap emits a cloud of toxic gas which drains the health of anything near it. The Gas Trap can be used five times before it needs replacing. You won’t have to put down another trap; your Imps automatically go to the Workshop, take a Gas Trap and restore the old one to full. Remember that the poisoned gas can hurt your own creatures if they inhale it.

To manufacture the Poison Gas Trap, your Workshop must be made up of at least ten squares.

If an Imp triggers this trap, it won't be killed instantly. If you are paying close attention, you have time to rescue the Imp. Once the gas has dissipated, the Imp can try to capture the tile again.

Bile Demons, undead creatures (Skeletons, Vampires, and Ghosts), Wizards, and Fairies are immune to poison gas.

The Mushroom Trap is possibly an early version of this trap. The 'Gas Cloud' trap is also possibly an early version of this; however, it killed on contact, making it similar to the Boulder Trap.[4]



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