Possession (DK2) or Possess Creature (DK1) is a Keeper Spell in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.

General InformationEdit

The Possession spell will give complete access to a minion's mind so you can inhabit its body to explore your own dungeon and beyond (through its eyes; vision depends on the creature being possessed).

While possessing a minion, you can select and use one of its spells or weapons.

It is possible to possess all creatures under your control, as well as chickens. If you possess a chicken, you have no control over its actions, and the chances of you getting eaten are likely.

Possession controls are akin to a First-Person Shooter.

Dungeon KeeperEdit

"This spell is the most unusual of all and allows you to directly control a creature by seeing through its eyes. You can move it about the Dungeon, dig, fight, and explore for however long you want."
— Dungeon Keeper Gold Manual

Creatures work faster when they're being possessed, with abilities including fighting, digging, and exploring being accelerated.[1]

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

The possessed minion gains a boost to its offensive and defensive stats.[2]

When possessed, Creatures do not gain experience, and attack strength is reduced to 60 per cent. However, the creature can strike four times as often, and will walk and run at double the normal speed. Creeping and crawling is slower (by how much depends on the creature's experience level).[3]

Grouping Edit

By pressing 7 and right clicking on a creature you will be able to recruit a creature to follow you, Up to eight creatures can be grouped with the possessed creature. [3]

Dark Elves and Elven Archers can zoom in while possessed. Stealing gold with a Rogue or Thief will steal the maximum amount they can carry. Hypnotised creatures remain so until the creature is released or dies. If a creature dies while being possessed, you lose 100 mana.[3]

Special NotesEdit

  • You will literally see out of the possessed creature's eyes, with such notable examples being:
  • When you control an Imp, you can't take over a room like the Portal.



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