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Purple Path is a pseudo-terrain in Dungeon Keeper. It occurs in unusual circumstances where the game cannot process it or its properties "in context". It can therefore be thought of as something of a "fail-safe" terrain.


Although it is not strictly speaking a terrain type (it is important to emphasise that this is not a "hidden" terrain type that you can place on maps at will, like Slab50; however, KeeperFX has a slab in which the intention is to make this path and treat it as a terrain in its own right, and Unearth lets you place it), it does have terrain-like properties: it can be walked on like dirt path and claimed path, creatures can be dropped onto (if owned) and picked up from it, and it cannot be built on. A Purple Path is not a separate slab type, and can actually be any slab type: Level 1000 is laden with Purple Path tiles that are actually earth or claimed path. One of the queer things about Purple Path is that it can actually be a wall, yet not a wall at the same time; the slab kind can be that of a wall, and the tag box will reflect that, yet it acts like the path that it looks like. A good example of this is when there is a non-standard reinforced wall within a room of "its kind"; the Reinforced Wall becomes Purple Path and essentially stops being a wall. It becomes a wall again if the room surrounding it is sold.

In later versions of KeeperFX, this slab appears on the Dynamic Map and fullscreen map when used deliberately.