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Not to be confused with Rebirth.

Raise Dead is a creature spell in Dungeon Keeper 2.

It converts corpses into Skeletons, who behave as "normal" Skeletons created in a Prison, and (unlike Skeleton Army's ones) Skeletons brought by Raise Dead don't ever expire.

Raise Dead ignores any sort of "Skeleton count" provided by your Prison(s) - it will still raise Skeletons, even if you have no Prison in the first place. On the other hand, Raise Dead Skeletons do contribute to the Skeleton count, so at some point, your prisoners, which would normally rot into Skeletons, will start simply plain dying instead.

If some of the corpses happen to lie very close to each other, a single Raise Dead might animate two or even more Skeletons at once.


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