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Rebound is a spell exclusive to Dungeon Keeper. It conjures a shield of colourful particles, which protects the creature by rebounding any projectiles fired at them, be it Arrows, missiles (normal or Navigating), or other spells, such as Meteor, back at the attacker. However, it does not protect the creature against ray spells, namely Drain and Lightning, nor does it protect against the mêlée attacks Hand to Hand and Flame Breath.

Rebounded projectiles can be rebounded again if the attacker also has the Rebound spell. As such, when two units with Rebound fight each other, their projectiles will bounce between them until the time runs out on either of the Rebound spells. Because each bounce will still count as a hit for experience purposes, the 'victor' in this engagement will get a massive boost in experience and might go all the way to level 10 in a single engagement. The other unit will get hit by all the projectiles sent out during the entire engagement at once, and will often therefore die immediately.

The Ghost is the only evil creature that can learn this spell; all others are heroes. It is supposed to learn it when reaching level 4 but due to a bug it is already available at level 1. This is fixed in KeeperFX.

The Dungeon Keeper Goodies Disc contains wave files of Mentor dialogue that were cut from the game, one of which mentioning the 'Reflect' spell being available.[1] This is presumably this spell, or an early version of it.

In KeeperFX 1.1.0, this was made into a Keeper spell, which exists alongside the creature spell.

Spells affected[]

The following Creature Spells are projectiles and are thus affected by Rebound:

Fireball icon small Fireball
Arrow icon small Arrow
Missile icon small Missile
Navigatingmissile icon small Navigating Missile
Meteor icon small Meteor
Time Time Bomb
Freeze icon small Freeze
Trap Gas Small Poison Cloud
Slow icon small Slow
Hailstorm icon small Hailstorm
Grenade icon small Grenade
Chicken Icon Small Chicken
Disease Icon Small Disease