DK2 reinforcedwall

Some reinforced walls as seen in DK2

Reinforced Wall is a type of impassable terrain that is created when normal rock walls are fortified by Imps, and it takes significantly longer to dig through than rock. The wall must be adjacent to Claimed Path in order to be able to be fortified. Most kinds of rooms are made more efficient and cost-effective by having reinforced walls as a border.

Dungeon KeeperEdit

Reinforced Walls are impossible for enemy forces to dig through. Unless the enemy has DestroyWalls Icon Small Destroy Walls available to un-fortify them, they are as effective of a barrier as solid rock.

Nearly every type of room (even a Treasure Room Icon Small Treasure Room) is more efficient when surrounded by reinforced walls.

There is a bug that enables enemies (or at least hero Tunneler-icon Tunnellers) to breach Fortified Walls; if an Earth tile becomes fortified while being dug, the Fortified Wall will continue to be dug and eventually broken through, as if it belonged to the other player. There is also another bug that enables you to breach neutral Fortified Walls while in Possession Icon Small Possession mode.

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

Reinforced walls can be dug through by enemy forces, but it takes a much longer time than digging through one's own walls---especially if the wall's owner has an Imp working to re-fortify the wall in the meantime! It is often more expedient to claim all of the path/rooms adjacent to the wall; when the wall's owner has no more claimed path next to the wall, it will automatically un-fortify and turn back into normal rock.  Another option is to use the Tremor spell to un-fortify some of the enemy's walls.

Rooms such as the Library, Training Room, Workshop, Torture Chamber, and Casino usually gain capacity to accommodate more creatures when bordered by a straight section of at least three reinforced walls.

Each block of reinforced wall you own counts as claimed territory for purposes of mana generation (i.e. it generates 1 mana per block per turn).

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