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Resurrect Creature is a Dungeon Special available in Dungeon Keeper. It allows you to resurrect any one of your creatures that have died in the current level. Clicking on the special itself will open a menu with a scrollbar, in which you will be able to see slain creatures and their levels. The resurrected creature will appear where the special was, with full health and at the same level, but will not retain experience, name, age, blood type or number of kills, and the creature's corpse (if still fresh) will not vanish.

In Dungeon Keeper FX, you can also see the icons for each creature, and can resurrect Imps.

There is audio suggesting this special was planned for Dungeon Keeper 2 left in the game files, but the special is not in the game, nor is it available in the editor.



  1. Soundbyte does not play in the game; this is fixed in Dungeon Keeper FX.
  2. Audio is found suggesting this was planned for Dungeon Keeper 2, but the special is not present in the game.