Royal Guard
Royal Guard 2
Appears in Dungeon Keeper 2
Faction Heroes
Attracted By Torture Chamber and Training Room 5x5
Sacrifice Recipe N/A
Job Class Fighter
Fighter Class Blocker
Base Wage 750
Spells N/A
Possession Skills N/A
Likes Training/Combat
Hates Black Knight

The Royal Guard is a Hero unit in Dungeon Keeper 2.


These guys are the cream of the crop; powerful, durable and well-armed, they fight well and are capable of exchanging blows with the best Creatures. Royal Guards are slow but tough, and so need to be ambushed and taken out by groups of faster creatures if possible. They are hard to convert and do not get on well with their former enemies.

Royal Guards appear later in the campaign as personal escorts of the "Lord of the Land". They differ from regular guards in that part of their armour is purple.

The Mentor's ThoughtsEdit

"A Guard has entered your ranks. This stalwart minion can hold off many enemies with his lance."
The Mentor, Pet Dungeon Mode (DK2)


  • Royal guards have more health than Knights and Black Knights, but less than the Bile Demon. They are faster, and eat less and have a stronger attack; but has a much higher upkeep.
  • Royal Guard will remain happy if kept in lair tiles separate from your portal creatures and are much stronger than most, and should always be converted if you don't have better creatures.


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