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The Royal Guard is a hero unit in Dungeon Keeper 2.


Royal Guards are the strongest among the Guards, and are much more durable and stronger than their regular counterpart.

These guards are tasked with guarding important places and royalty.

Royal Guards are slow but tough, well armoured, and capable of easily taking down weaker creatures and make almost every Portal creature flee in fear; only the strongest of creatures like Black Knights and Dark Angels are capable of fighting this hero alone.

In order to take down these heroes, Thunderbolt and a group of Dark Mistresses are recommended, or they need to be ambushed and taken out by groups of weaker creatures like Salamanders and Goblins.

They take a long time to convert (more than the Monk) and require multiple healings to convert them successfully, but they are strong minions that can easily fend off groups of powerful creatures alone, extremely useful also for their fear effect to make nearly all enemy creatures flee; in a group, they are deadly.

When converted, they tend to patrol in the Guard Room or train in the Training Room, along with their evil allies like Elven Archers, Guards and Knights.

They can be distinguished from normal Guards in that part of their armour is purple.

The Mentor's Thoughts[]

"A Guard has entered your ranks. This stalwart minion can hold off many enemies with his lance."
The Mentor, Pet Dungeon Mode (DK2)


  • Royal Guards have more health than Knights and Black Knights, but less than the Bile Demon. They are faster, eat less and have a stronger attack, but have a much higher upkeep.
  • Royal Guards will remain happy if kept in Lair tiles separate from your Portal creatures and are much stronger than most, and should always be converted if you don't have better creatures.
  • Most of the royal hero characters in the game wear purple cloth.