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Not to be confused with Ninja.

The Samurai is a hero unit in Dungeon Keeper. They are brave, almost fearless warriors, whose speed and fighting prowess make them very dangerous adversaries, especially in numbers.


Dungeon Keeper Samurai portrait

Samurai Portrait

Dungeon Keeper Samurai movement animation

Samurai in-game animation

"A master swordsman, the Samurai is fearless and swift in battle. The Samurai’s code of fighting, the Bushido, is strict and the sense of honour he has can hamper his performance when faced by hordes of evil, nihilistic creatures."
Dungeon Keeper Manual

Sometimes erroneously called the Ninja,[1][2] the Samurai is a fast, powerful katana-wielder.

The Samurai's mêlée attack is approximately on-par with that of the Knight, but he gains a more offence-oriented arsenal as he levels up. He will continue to favour mêlée combat after learning Lightning, but he invokes Freeze on recharge when engaging a foe. With his fast overland movement rate and fighting skills (bolstered further by Speed), this character is about as dangerous as the rank-and-file heroes get. The Keeper needs to start thinking fast, as well, when Samurai are on the loose.

If one can convert a Samurai to their side, they will find them a great addition to their ranks. Samurai live to train; they do so with alacrity and will gain experience rapidly. If they cannot train, are under level 10, and have no pre-designated job like guard duty to keep them occupied, they will grow angry. Angered Samurai can go on a rampage and start attacking other creatures, or even join the enemy.

As mentioned in the game documents and messages, these heroes follow a code of honour, and it causes them to have certain ideological problems with Mistresses. The fights between them are violent and destructive, and as both are very valuable creatures, it is best to avoid these situations by keeping their Lairs well-apart.


Combat Statistics
Query Speed icon Dungeon Keeper Speed: 64
Heal Icon Small Base Health: 700
Strength Base Strength: 80
Defence Defence: 60
Skill Base Skill: 70
Dexterity Base Dexterity: 90
Luck Luck: 20
Tasks & Management
Samurai-icon Primary Job Fight
Samurai-icon Secondary Job Train
Library Icon Small Base Research Skill 2
Workshop Icon Small Base Manufacturing Skill 2
Training Room Icon Small Training Skill 4
Wage Training Cost /64t 50
ScavengerRoom Icon Small Base Scavenging Skill 3
Wage Scavenging Cost /64t 30
Temple Icon Small Praying Anger -50
Lair Icon Small Sleeping Anger -1
Heal Icon Small Sleep Recovery 9
Hatchery Icon Small Hunger 3Chicken icon tiny / 8000t
Wage Base Wage 195




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