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This unnamed hidden realm can be accessed by finding the Locate Hidden World Dungeon Special in Level 9 - Moonbrush Wood of the single player campaign and the clicking on the banner with the question mark in the level select screen. The location of the special is described in the article for Moonbrush Wood.


The objective here is to kill all of your own Imps. The time limit is 6600 Turns (5.5 minutes at 20 frames per second).

The Lightning Strike the Keeper is equipped with does not affect allied creatures, and slapping 59 Imps to death is a horrendous chore. Instead, direct the Imps to capture the small White dungeon to the west. Two Boulder Traps and a hero-aligned Hellhound can be dug out; the boulders are ideal for smashing a couple handfuls of the highest-level Imps, and the Hellhound will take care of the rest.

The enemy Hellhound's AI compels it to move towards the Dungeon Heart when not otherwise-occupied. For their part, the Imps' AI compels them to bravely stand and fight (and get carbonized by the hound) when they are close to the heart, so it is the ideal location for completing the objective. When the first 49 are dead, 10 more Level 10 Imps warp in and have to be slain as well.


Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 0
Starting Gold 1200
Starting Forces 49 Imps: four Level 6's and five of each of the other levels
May Attract
Unable to summon Creatures
Treasure Room Icon Small Lair Icon Small Hatchery Icon Small Training Room Icon Small
Library Icon Small     Workshop Icon Small
Possession Icon Small      
    Trap Lightning Small  
No Doors or Traps

Hero-aligned (white) creatures, west dungeon:

Imp-icon (2) Imp-icon (2)
Imp-icon (7)
Imp-icon (10)
Hound-icon (7)


Briefing text
These Imps have all turned rogue and therefore must die. The speed with which you accomplish their destruction will determine your fitness for greater tasks ahead.
You are indeed a twisted soul, master. You made the Imps extinct with such panache that not one but two Dark Mistresses have devoted themselves to helping you achieve your next goal. You may proceed to your next conquest.
3300 turns elapsed
Tempus fugit, Keeper. You have been warned.
6600 turns elapsed (defeat)
You have failed. Perhaps you're not the harbinger of doom the forces of darkness were hoping for.


Despite the messages, the reward here is a level 10 Vampire for Transfer to the next realm.

There is also a Training Room in this dungeon, and there is wealth from gold seams and the dropped inventory from the final wave of level 10 Imps (nearly 200,000 gold in total). It is possible to transfer creatures into this realm and train them in peace and quiet after fulfilling the mission.

The Workshop can be occupied, but nothing will ever be produced.


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