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This Secret 4 was cut from Dungeon Keeper. It is in the 21 May 1997 prototype. The objective is to kill all of your 21 Bile Demons using the Boulder Traps hidden across your dungeon. Your reward is 'three superior Imps', apparently given to you on the next realm. There is a time limit of 2000 turns, but the timer always says 0.

A fixed version of this level is included in KeeperFX as Bonus Level - Crush the Imp (despite the name, you're still crushing Bile Demons).


Red Keeper (Human)
Starting Gold 0
Starting Forces 5 Imp-icon Imps (Level 10)
21 Bile-demon-icon Bile Demons (Level 3)
Unable to attract Creatures
Unable to summon Creatures
Unable to construct Rooms
Possession Icon Small      
No Doors or Traps


This one is super easy (which is probably why it was cut);[opinion] just dig (the tile to the north, so it goes down the corridor) to release the Boulder to the north-east of your Hatchery and keep dropping your Bile Demons in front of it. You should be done by the time it reaches the small room.

However, this level may be more difficult in KeeperFX, due to boulders breaking more easily.


  • Due to a scripting error, the objective is "This is a message. Right click to delete it." rather than the correct one: "You have been called to this realm to punish a horde of revolting Bile Demons by crushing them with Boulder Traps scattered around the perimeter of the dungeon. You have very little time, so rock and roll!".


  • This level is fixed up in KeeperFX: the timer works, the correct objectives display, and instead of three Imps (superior or otherwise), you're rewarded with a Skeleton. Also, everything owned by Blue (the Boulder Traps and the surrounding reinforced walls, as well as the claimed path they're on) is now owned by White, due to differences in the management of AI-controlled Keepers, which would have otherwise broken the level.