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For the unintentionally cut level, see Secret 5.
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This Secret 5 is an unfinished (there is no reward) level that was cut from Dungeon Keeper. It is in the 21 May 1997 prototype. However, for whatever reason (possibly a scripting error), you lose as soon as the level loads.

The level runs okay in KeeperFX, and it is included in newer versions and has been given the name Time Flies. The objective is to possess your Fly (who for some reason is inside a Prison) to reach the end of the course (marked by the water tile and the surrounding neutral claimed path). There is a time limit of 5000 turns, but the timer doesn't start until you go past the door out of your starting dungeon.


Red Keeper (Human)
Starting Gold 100
Starting Forces 1 Fly-icon Fly (Level 10)
Unable to attract Creatures
Unable to summon Creatures
Unable to construct Rooms
Possession Icon Small      
No Doors or Traps


Once the timer starts, a blue (possibly so that you don't see them spawning; however, this is changed to hero in KeeperFX due to computer Keepers needing proper setting up before they and their creatures are functional) level 1 Mountain Dwarf spawns in the cavern, and another one spawns as you approach the door to the first hero area. Do not engage them in combat (you'll lose too much health and might even die, even though you're level 10 and they're only level 1; Flies are just so pathetically weak); simply ignore them and break down the door (be careful of the Boulder Trap). You'll likely lose a lot of health, but do not worry. Inside is another Boulder and some Archers. Trigger the Boulder and go underneath its path. Wait for it to pass and break down the door.

In this cavern, you'll come across a level 1 Thief. Be careful to avoid triggering the Boulder Trap sneakily located in a corridor south of the door. Break the door down, and the one in the corridor past it (it might be best to ignore the Fairy).

You'll reach another hero area with some Archers in it. Ignore them and proceed to the corridor beyond. There are two ways to the end: through a door to your right (this route has a Boulder and a lava pit with Archers on either side), and a shortcut to the end past the Boulder (also to the right). You can trigger the Boulder and wait by the door for it to pass to free the route.


The spawned Mountain Dwarves in the first cavern are now owned by White, and the Boulder Trap there is now neutral.