Sentry Trap
Appears in Dungeon Keeper 2
Icon Sentry Trap Icon Medium
Cost (Buy/Sell) 1000/500
Damage Low
Health 3000
Mana upkeep/cost to fire 5/250
Damages your Creatures? No
Time to craft 1500
"A squat cannon that fires bolts of magical energy at approaching enemy creatures."

The Sentry Trap (also known as the Magic Missile Trap[1]) is an automated, rotating cannon that fires at any enemies within its range. It is one of the more basic traps in Dungeon Keeper 2, dealing minimal damage. While single Sentry Traps are ineffective, a battery of them, combined with ways to keep the opponent away (such a Barricades, Freeze or Fear Traps), can be a powerful force.

Despite its minimalistic damage, Sentry Traps have the longest effective range of any buildable trap in the game, and unlike many others, will function until destroyed. If engaged by a possessed creature however, the velocity of their projectiles is fairly low and can easily be dodged, especially at long range.


A Hero Sentry Trap

Hero Sentry Trap

Like other traps and doors in Dungeon Keeper 2, there is a Hero variant. While functioning the same, the Hero Sentry looks more like a traditional cannon, featuring wheels either side.



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