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Slab50 is an unused (except in fan levels), mysterious terrain type in Dungeon Keeper. It can be placed on maps by using ADiKtEd or Unearth; it is not available in the official editor.


Slab50 typically superficially resembles dirt path. However, this is not an inherent property of the slab, but the result of an ADiKtEd default; you can set slab50 tiles to look like other terrain types. When placed by KeeperFX, it resembles earth floor tiles. It cannot be claimed, and creatures cannot be dropped onto it (not even Imps, whom you can drop on normal dirt path) unless it is owned. In its "raw" state, it is essentially just a path that cannot be claimed by any means (except cheating of course), but ADiKtEd's column mode can be utilised on Slab50 tiles to create unique combinations.

The slab test level Level 1000 reveals that this tile is animated (it can be raised and lowered). It is therefore likely that this slab was meant for when Cave-In created paths over lava, or possibly the spell created earth walls where it was cast and this slab was the animation for the wall's creation.



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