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For the special ability, see Sniper Mode.

"Shadygrove. Your next adversary, Lord Ludwig, is currently patrolling his keep, considering himself and all of his subjects safe in this land. Known as a cowardly wretch he has always relied on others to do his fighting for him, this is one battle he will not avoid."
— The Mentor, level briefing

"Snipers", located in Shadygrove, is the 4th level in Dungeon Keeper 2. This level introduces the Guard Room and the concept of guarding, along with the Dark Elf and the use of Possession. It is also the first level to have more than one Portal.

Upon starting this level, you are given ample space to create your dungeon using the six available rooms obtained in the previous levels, with the layout of the Gold Seam lending itself to sensible room positions. To the north you will see a Portal surrounded by water and dirt.

Once this has been claimed, you will notice a single piece of gold seam directly to its north, enticing you to dig it. If you do so, you will uncover the Guard Room, and will shortly attract your first Dark Elf, who will happily guard it. You will not be able to construct additional Guard Rooms in this level, but luckily this room is strategically placed to quickly alert your creatures of any Heroes who may enter from the two nearby gates, but make sure to train your Dark Elves to ensure they aren't easily slain. It is also worth digging around this open area to find various helpful secrets.

In addition, there are two more Guard Rooms to the easy and west of your Dungeon Heart, sitting adjacent to smaller gates. Depending on how you play, these could help alert you to attacks from the gates, or remain completely unused.

This level will also introduce using the Creature panel to split your creatures by how many are working or fighting, and by mood.

Special First Person Dungeon Keeper 2

The Receive Imps special, found next to the secondary Portal.

If you choose to break the hero Wooden Door to the north, you will find the first instance of an additional portal, along with three Guards who defend it. Claiming this additional entrance will allow you to attract an additional five creatures, and you will also find the Receive Imps special, giving you a welcome influx of new workers.

Within time, your Warlocks will research the Possession spell and you will be invited to test it out. On doing so, you will also be taught about grouping, a useful skill for those who wish to bring an army with them.

Snipers Bob Dungeon Keeper 2

Bob the Dwarf, standing guard.

Digging yet further north, you will uncover the entrance to Lord Ludwig's castle, guarded solely by a Dwarf, descibes as "Lord Ludwig's old decrepit servant, Bob" (the game's tooltip gives his name as Cataractus, implying as well that he may have poor eyesight). He is weak and easily dispatched, and the Mentor suggests the use of Possession to kill him stealthily with a Dark Elf's arrow as to not alert any guards. This is not strictly necessary; as long as you are able to kill him before he flees to Lord Ludwig's keep, forces will not be alerted. If you are successful, you are able to then take out the sentries without alerting additional troops.

Once you move further forward, you are alerted to the large moat between the entrance and the main keep, and are hinted that Possession and grouping is one way to bring the fight to the heroes. If you prefer a more overhead strategy, you are able to dig around the outside of the moat and claim a path right to the doors of the keep, where you can finish the Lord to complete the level. If you have been stealthy so far, the fight should be easy - Lord Ludwig, two Thieves and a Guard are all who inhabit the keep. If not, You will have to fight two additional high-levelled Knights and extra Dwarves and Thieves, making the fight trickier.

As always, once the Lord is slain, Horny will come to take the Portal Gem, ending the level.


"Snipers"- Shadygrove
Primary Goal
Cross the moat of Lord Ludwig's keep and take his Portal Gem
Ancillary Goal(s)
Capture the Guard Rooms

Lead an army of assembled creatures into Lord Ludwig's keep

Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 15
Starting Gold 3000
Starting Forces 4 Imps
May Attract
Goblin icon Warlock Firefly Troll pickup Darkelf  
May Create or Summon
Imp pickup      
Lair icon Library2 Icon Medium Treasury Icon Medium          
Hatchery2 Icon Medium Training Room2 Icon Medium Workshop2 Icon Medium        
Createimp2 icon medium Possession icon medium       |  
Thunderbolt icon medium         |  
Traps & Doors
Wooden Door2 Icon Medium     Sentry Trap Icon Medium          


Snipers Briefing Dungeon Keeper 2

The briefing screen image, showing a Wooden Bridge.

The text strings for this level in the game's files imply that the Casino was originally intended to be introduced in this level.[1]

The briefing screen for this level shows Lord Ludwig standing on a Wooden Bridge, however these bridges do not appear in this level.


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