DK1 MAP00006
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Level Number 6
Preceded By Lushmeadow-on-Down
Followed By Wishvale
Enemy Keepers 1

Snuggledell is the 6th level in Dungeon Keeper, and the first non-tutorial level in the campaign.

There is a Blue Keeper to the south, and the objective on this level is to destroy Blue's Dungeon Heart.

Snuggledell is run by Squire Tristan,[1] though he makes no appearance in the level.


Fly-icon Fly     30
Beetle-icon Beetle 30
Spider-icon Spider 30
Demon-spawn-icon Demon Spawn 30
Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon 10
Warlock-icon Warlock 40
Troll-icon Troll 30
Dark-mistress-icon Mistress 20
  • Neutral Assets
Portal Icon Small Portal - one for each Keeper
Torture Room Icon Small Torture Chamber - center of map
Dark-mistress-icon4   Dark-mistress-icon4   Dark-mistress-icon3   - inside Torture Chamber
  • Specials
Increase Level - west-end, water
Make Safe - east-end, water
Transfer Creature - east-south-east water
  • Wandering Heroes
Fairy-icon1   Fairy-icon1   Fairy-icon1   Fairy-icon1   - occupying water caverns, center

Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 30
Starting Gold 2000
Starting Forces 4 Imps (Level 1)
May Attract
Fly-icon Beetle-icon Spider-icon Demon-spawn-icon Warlock-icon Bile-demon-icon   Troll-icon
May Create or Summon
Imp-icon       Skeleton-icon      
Treasure Room Icon Small Lair Icon Small Hatchery Icon Small Training Room Icon Small
Library Icon Small Bridge Icon Small Guard Post Icon Small Workshop Icon Small
Prison Icon Small Torture Room Icon Small    
Possession Icon Small CreateImp Icon Small SightofEvil Icon Small SpeedMonster Icon Small
  CallToArms Icon Small    
  Heal Icon Small Trap Lightning Small  
Traps & Doors
  Trap Gas Small Trap Lightning Small  
Door Wooden Small Door Braced Small    
Blue Keeper
Creature Limit 25
Starting Gold 14500
Starting Forces 3 Imps (Level 1)
May Attract
Fly-icon Beetle-icon Spider-icon Demon-spawn-icon Warlock-icon     Troll-icon
May Create or Summon
Imp-icon       Skeleton-icon      
Treasure Room Icon Small Lair Icon Small Hatchery Icon Small Training Room Icon Small
Library Icon Small Bridge Icon Small Guard Post Icon Small Workshop Icon Small
Prison Icon Small      
Possession Icon Small CreateImp Icon Small SightofEvil Icon Small SpeedMonster Icon Small
  CallToArms Icon Small    
  Heal Icon Small Trap Lightning Small  
Traps & Doors
  Trap Gas Small    
Door Wooden Small Door Braced Small    


  • When a keeper tunnels to the water, four Level 1 Fairy-icon Fairies attack. They are barely stronger than Imp-icon Imps. In fact, you can possess an imp, brush past them, and dig out the two Dirt tiles in the central, eye-shaped cave for the Dark-mistress-icon Mistresses, who will slaughter the fairies in seconds. Fairies are excellent researchers and extremely dangerous spellcasters if converted to the keeper's side and trained, though, so consider saving one as a candidate for the Transfer Creature. However, it is likely that by the time the Red Keeper researches Prison Icon Small Prison, the Blue Keeper will already have dug though to the water and killed the Fairies.
  • When the player claims the Torture Room Icon Small Torture Chamber, that room is enabled for construction. If Blue claims it, the same thing does not happen for him.
  • Likewise when the player obtains a Dark Mistress, the 20 Mistresses in the Creature Pool are unlocked for the portal. If Blue claims them, the same thing does not happen for him.

Blue KeeperEdit

The Blue Keeper builds 4x4 rooms and, with a lower creature limit and no access to the Bile Demon, is handicapped relative to Red (the player) in terms of the forces he can field. Nevertheless, he is slightly faster and more aggressive than the enemy in Lushmeadow-on-Down, and can research Trap Lightning Small Lightning Strike. Try to avoid connecting territories with him, as he will surely attempt to claim your bridges and territory, and be wary of investing a lot in creatures with low hitpoint scores.

After building his rooms and mining out the nearby gold seams, Blue will usually issue a taunt, tunnel north from his territory, and lay down bridges in search of more gold and possibly a confrontation.

Overcoming this enemy is usually a simple matter of building a larger Training Room Icon Small Training Room than he does and filling it with the best creatures available, while he mucks around with Beetle-icon Beetles and Fly-icon Flies and limited training space. When the time is right, throw a CallToArms Icon Small Call to Arms and storm the place.

New Dungeon FeaturesEdit

This realm introduces the Door Braced Small Braced Door, Trap Lightning Small Lightning Trap, and the Keeper Spell Trap Lightning Small Lightning Strike. But most notably, there is a Torture Room Icon Small Torture Chamber. The region's centrally-located Chamber must be claimed in order for the room to be activated here, and three Mistresses will immediately join the side that reaches it first.


Briefing Text
"It's time to mete out the ultimate punishment to a keeper who dares to challenge you for this corner of your subterranean empire. The price of failure shall be oblivion."
Player obtains a Dark Mistress
"You have finally constructed a dungeon impressive enough to attract a Dark Mistress. You must discipline these wicked wenches frequently. They respond particularly well to a good slapping."
Player takes control of a Torture Chamber
"You have claimed a Torture Room. Place captive heroes and creatures into this chamber of horrors to convert them in your supremely evil way. Alternatively, place your own creatures within the room whenever disciplinary measures become necessary."
Player constructs a Braced Door
"Your manufacturers have created a Braced Door. If security matters, you can be sure when you buy a Braced Door. You couldn't be certain with only a curtain and a hole in the wall is no help at all."
Player constructs a Lightning Trap
"You have manufactured a powerful Lightning Trap. Try it out. It's bound to give someone a shock."
Player researches the Keeper Lightning
"Your researchers have devised a spell that unleashes the energy of a thunderstorm on the target of your choice. Select the spell, aim at a hostile creature and flash-fry him with a Lightning Strike."
Player defeats Blue Keeper
"How satisfying it is to see an enemy Keeper's dungeon crumble and his power dissipate. There'll be no controversy over this year's hall of infamy nomination."

Sound BytesEdit

"Snuggledell. The folk of Snuggledell worship the common rabbit. Floppy eared bunnies are encouraged to hop around the fields surrounding the hamlet, bringing happiness, love, and more bunnies to the entire area."
— The Mentor, Intro
"Steepscythe. Everyone has been put to the sword, and we've made an enormous magic carpet out of the thousands of bunnies that swarmed here. Your minions will feast on their tiny remains for weeks— truly a majestic victory!"
— Canon Outro


  • This realm's outtro speech file, BAD06.WAV, makes more sense if renamed to BAD11.WAV to correspond with Hearth. Wishvale's outro file, BAD07.WAV (Steepscythe), makes more sense renamed to 06 to match up with Snuggledell. These files are in the game subdirectory \SOUND\ATLAS\.
  • The names for this level in other languages are as follows:
Translations: Snuggledell
Language Translation
French Biencachay
Italian Vallombra
German Lieblich-Knuffeltal
Dutch Knuffeldal
Polish Pieszczochów
Russian Снагглдейл
Japanese スナグルデル
Chinese 温暖谷地 / 怀谷国



  1. Prima's Official Guide To Dungeon Keeper Gold Edition. p. 162. Prima Publishing. 1998. ISBN 978-0-7615-1581-4.
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