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The Spider is a creature type in Dungeon Keeper.

General Information[]

"A weak creature who sometimes goes to the Prison and freeze prisoners for fun. Spiders detest the Flies and fight them if provoked or stationed in the same Lair."
— Dungeon Keeper Manual

Among the Fly, Beetle, and the Spider, Spiders are the strongest insect that a Keeper can attract. Spiders with some experience levels on them can snare opponents with Slow or Freeze. They are a key component for sacrifices along with the other "insect" creatures. They are natural enemies of Flies, and will kill them if sharing the same Lair.

Dungeon Keeper Spider portrait

Portrait of the Spider

Unless there is a Prison with prisoners inside to occupy their attention, Spiders will train. Beyond the first couple of levels gained, this becomes a considerable financial drain. Spiders are terrible at training and exact a higher expense in it than they deserve.

Dungeon Keeper Spider movement animation

In-game animation of a Spider


Combat Statistics
Query Speed icon Dungeon Keeper Speed: 48
Heal Icon Small Base Health: 400
Strength Base Strength: 40
Defence Defence: 30
Skill Base Skill: 50
Dexterity Base Dexterity: 60
Luck Luck: 3
Tasks & Management
Spider-icon Primary Job Freeze Prisoners
Spider-icon Secondary Job Train
Library Icon Small Base Research Skill 1
Workshop Icon Small Base Manufacturing Skill 2
Training Room Icon Small Training Skill 1
Wage Training Cost /64t 18
ScavengerRoom Icon Small Base Scavenging Skill 2
Wage Scavenging Cost /64t 12
Temple Icon Small Praying Anger -50
Lair Icon Small Sleeping Anger -1
Heal Icon Small Sleep Recovery 2
Hatchery Icon Small Hunger 2Chicken icon tiny / 7000t
Wage Base Wage 25
Sacrifice Recipes
Things to sacrifice in the temple
Creature Creature Creature Result
3 Spider-icon Spiders -- -- Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon
1 Fly-icon Fly 1Spider-icon Spider -- Warlock-icon Warlock
1 Beetle-icon Beetle 1 Spider-icon Spider -- Dark-mistress-icon Dark Mistress
1 Orc-icon Orc 1 Spider-icon Spider -- Casts Heal Icon Small Heal on your creatures FX
1 Troll-icon Troll 1 Spider-icon Spider -- Tentacle-icon Tentacle FX
1 Demon-spawn-icon Demon Spawn 1 Spider-icon Spider --

Troll-icon Troll FX

4 Imp-icon Imps 4 Gold held piles 16 Hatchery Icon Small Chickens Spider-icon Spider[note 1]
Things not to sacrifice in the temple
Creature Creature Creature Result
1 Spider-icon Spider 1 Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon 1 Dark-mistress-icon Dark Mistress Creates a good Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper FX
1 Vampire-icon Vampire 1 Spider-icon Spider -- Casts Freeze icon small Freeze on your creatures FX


  1. This is an Easter Egg. The Spider is a random level and comes through the Portal rather than the Temple pool. Does not work if you already have four or more Spiders. Exactly four Imps and exactly four gold piles need to be sacrificed throughout the level. Only Chickens need to be sacrificed if you've already done this sacrifice. Having sacrificed more Imps, e.g. to lower the cost of Create Imp renders this recipe inoperable.