Spike Trap
Appears in Dungeon Keeper 2
Icon Spike Trap Icon Medium
Cost (Buy/Sell) 750/375
Damage Average
Health 4000
Mana upkeep/cost to fire 5/-
Damages your Creatures? No
Time to craft 6000


"One of the more immediate Traps available to you, the spike trap houses an array of needle-sharp metal spikes that impale any creature unlucky enough to tread on it."

The Spike Trap is a trap available for Dungeon Keeper 2 that pushes out sharp spikes which stab any enemy creatures that walk over it. Like many other traps, it is imvisible to the enemy until activated, and similarly to Gas Traps, it's best to put them in a straight line, such as down narrow corridors, to ensure maximum damage.

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