"You have bewitched a Hero"

The Steal Hero special converts a random hero from the current level to your side. The creature plucked from the level will appear at the spot where the special once was. This special is useful when against powerful forces, as it allows the player to use their forces against them. Note however, that this special does not affect Knight-icon Knights or the Avatar-icon Avatar, and will only generate a level 1 hero if none remain on the map. One can save before using this special and reload until they obtain a hero they desire.

Dungeon Specials
Dk1iconDungeon Keeper
Increase levelIncrease Level / Locate hidden worldLocate Hidden World / Make safeMake Safe / Multiply creaturesMultiply Creatures / Resurrect creatureResurrect Creature / Reveal mapReveal Map / Steal heroSteal Hero / Transfer creatureTransfer Creature
Dk2iconDungeon Keeper 2
Destroywalls tinyDestroy Walls / Healall tinyHeal All / Increasegold tinyIncrease Gold / Increaselevel tinyIncrease Level / Killcreatures tinyKill Creatures / Locatehiddenland tinyLocate Hidden Land / Makehappy tinyMake Happy / Makesafe tinyMake Safe / Makeunhappy tinyMake Unhappy / Manaboost tinyMana Boost / Receiveimps tinyReceive Imps / Revealmap tinyReveal Map / Stunimps tinyStun Imps / Locatehiddenland tinyTransfer Creature
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