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Stone Bridges are one of the two types of Bridges in Dungeon Keeper 2. Unlike the Wooden Bridge, which allows passage over water and only temporary passage over lava, the Stone Bridge allows safe transport across both, as it is far more durable and will not be destroyed by lava. Of course, this comes at a price: the Stone Bridge costs more than twice as much as the Wooden Bridge, making it a good idea to use Wooden Bridges to cross water.

Choosing whether to use a Stone or Wooden bridge to cross lava is a useful tactic. If you're planning on connecting together important areas, such as Portals surrounded by lava, use a Stone Bridge. If you're invading enemy territory, it may be better to use a Wooden Bridge, as you can claim their land, and once the bridge has burnt or is sold, they cannot access your territory as easily. This tactic works well against Heroes, who, if they have a route to your dungeon, may follow the bridge back to your base. Use this to your advantage by selling parts of the Bridge with them on it, either leaving them stranded, or plunging them into lava. On multiplayer games, you could also use this tactic to move them towards an enemy's dungeon.

Hero Stone Bridge[]


A Hero Stone Bridge

In Dungeon Keeper 2, there also exists a type of Bridge called the Hero Stone Bridge. This type of Bridge has a different texture, appearing to be made of a lighter stone.

The Hero Stone Bridge is functionally identical to the Stone Bridge, allowing safe access across both water and lava. Unlike the normal Stone Bridge, it cannot be researched and will already be placed on the map. They are used on maps in which players cannot use or research bridges themselves, usually on multiplayer maps, making them a key tactical point.

Hero Stone Bridges cannot be sold or destroyed.

Despite its name, Hero Stone Bridges can be claimed and used by Keepers.