The Stone Knights are very powerful Heroes, who cannot be harmed by any other means than Horny.


Stone Knights are powerful, animated statues of stone, designed to look like regular Knights, but their power is infinitely greater.

Stone Knights only appear in the final level of the campaign. There are only two of them and together they hold the final Portal gem. They were probably created as a fail-safe by King Reginald as a last resort to stop any evil forces from entering the upper realm of Harmonia, as they guard the entranceway to the sunlit Kingdom of the heroes. The Stone Knights method of attack is focusing on defending the entranceway, and therefore they do not attack your dungeon directly. When they are destroyed by Horny, they shatter and explode in a puff of mana.

The Mentor's thoughtsEdit

"Stone Knights are the last defenders of the gateway. There is no force within this realm to beat them. Are we doomed? Or is there yet another way?"

"Your assault on the Stone Knights is futile. Find another way to beat them."

"The Reaper is your only hope of conquering these knights of stone, and remember, you have the power to summon him, so go to it now."


  • Neither of the two Stone Knights can be converted, although some of the game's sound test files state that they were originally meant to be obtained by the player in other modes by various means.


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