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Strategy guides, like manuals, contain plenty of information about gameplay, such as general information, tips, and of course walkthroughs. They tend to go into much greater detail than the manuals.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Bullfrog's Official Guide[]

Includes walkthroughs for each Dungeon Keeper level, as well as detailed creature statistics, hints and tips, as well as general information. Even includes short interviews with the developers.

Note: Some copies of this book appear to have been produced before the final game was released; they cover a level that was cut from the game, and list Blaise End as Mistle (and the actual Mistle is not covered at all).

Prima's Official Guide To Dungeon Keeper Gold Edition[]

Same as the above, but includes a The Deeper Dungeons walkthrough too. Obviously written with Dungeon Keeper Gold in mind, but applies just as much to other versions of the game.

Dungeon Keeper Premium Hero-Repelling Guide[]

A Japanese-language book that includes detailed information for each Creature, Door, Trap, Creature Spell, Keeper Spell, Special Item, walkthroughs for each Dungeon Keeper and The Deeper Dungeons level, including the multiplayer levels. Also includes tips and information on dungeon management. Written with Dungeon Keeper Premium in mind, but applies equally to Dungeon Keeper Gold and other editions.

Unofficial Professional Guide[]

The Unofficial Profi-Guide is a German-langauge guide book that covers the Dungeon Keeper levels, as well as Creatures, Spells, Rooms, Traps, and other general information. Being an unofficial guide, it covers things not covered by other guides, such as technical information pertaining to multiplayer mode, cheats, and even includes instructions on how to hack your savegame files.

Handbook of Evil[]

A guide released with PC Gamer magazine issue 46 (August 1997) written by Jon Rennie of the testing team. It gives a brief guide to the levels of Dungeon Keeper, rooms, traps and doors and possession, along with shorter guides to Theme Hospital and Magic Carpet, two other Bullfrog Productions games.

The Complete Solution[]

The Complete Solution (La soluce complète) is a French-language mini guide book provided with issue 102 (September 1997) of the French magazine Génération 4 that provides a walkthrough to the Dungeon Keeper campaign. It also gives descriptions of the Dungeon Specials and provides basic creature stats, such as their attack preference (mêlée or ranged) and whom they hate.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Prima's Official Strategy Guide[]

Written 'in close consultation with the designers at Bullfrog', this is a jolly comprehensive guide to Dungeon Keeper 2 covering just about everything (save stuff added in patches released after the book's publication) and in great detail to boot.

Complete Guide Book[]

Perhaps better-known as (or rather, translated to) the Dungeon Keeper 2 Japanese-language version Complete Guide Book, it's in Japanese but covers pretty much everything (again, except stuff that postdates the book). It's presumably specific to the Japanese version (though most of the information applies to other versions too), as it shows subtle differences to the information in the English-language manual.

GameSpot Game Guide[]

This is a downloadable book containing creature stats, a dungeon management guide, a walkthrough to the Dungeon Keeper 2 campaign, as well as various tips (including multiplayer tips). The online version can be read here.