DK1 MAP00087
Appears in The Deeper Dungeons
Level Number 87
Preceded By Abbadon
Followed By Kanasko
Enemy Keepers 1

Svatona is the 8th level in The Deeper Dungeons expansion of Dungeon Keeper, heavily based around Vampire-icon Vampires.


The player starts in a big area mostly walled off with Impenetrable Rock, with only a handful of choke points leading to the main enemy of the level, a hero castle surrounded by a moat and Guard Post Icon Small Guard Posts. On the bottom of the map is a blue Keeper next to the hero castle above and a giant lake with Tentacle-icon Tentacles, Fairy-icon Fairies, and Samurai-icon Samurai to the right, leaving him with not much space to work with.

The Bridge Icon Small Bridge room is in impossible to obtain in this level, and since the hero castle is completely surrounded by either lava or water, in order for the enemy Keeper to attack you or for you to attack him, you must first deal with the jam-packed hero castle in the middle.

In order to even access it, you must dig tunnels that cave in to multiple different ambushes and Trap Boulder Small Boulder Trap, eventually leading to a neutral Graveyard Icon Small Graveyard and a Gem Seam. To the right-most side of the map is a series of cave-ins with Samurai-icon Samurai and even Knight-icon Knights that guard a Dungeon Special and access to the white castle.

The entrance to the castle has a very impressive ambience for Dungeon Keeper, with fog, leaping lava droplets, completely closed off from the level by Fortified Walls, a lava moat, outposts with Archer-icon Archers and Priestess-icon Priestesses, and a small patch of land leading to the Door Iron Small Iron Door, which Imp-icon Imps seem to adore fighting for, for some reason, even if the enemies will obliterate them before they even get to it.

The castle itself is full of Trap Lightning Small Lightning Traps, a Trap Boulder Small Boulder Trap behind the front door, about 14 rooms each filled with heroes and a white Dungeon Heart, as usual, with an ambush waiting in the wings.

Once you capture the hero castle, you can access the Disease Icon Small Disease spell, a Steal Hero special and a single gem face, all guarded with Samurai-icon Samurai, Fairy-icon Fairies, and Trap Boulder Small Boulder Traps.

From the hero castle you can access the enemy Keeper by digging through a cave with a Trap Boulder Small Boulder Trap and 2 level 10 Giant-icon Giants and a Steal Hero special, going down and to the right there's a lake with Fairy-icon Fairies, Samurai-icon Samurai, and Tentacle-icon Tentacles all waiting to be slaughtered and used as Vampire-icon Vampire food.

The blue Keeper itself is very anticlimactic, which you can breach without even using the DestroyWalls Icon Small Destroy Walls spell, and you can prepare your grand entrance with many Trap Boulder Small Boulder Traps and unleash them on the enemy Keeper's claustrophobic dungeon before unleashing the Vampire-icon Vampires to kill anything else that is still moving.

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