The Temple (sometimes referred to as the Unholy Temple in Dungeon Keeper 2) is a room in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, and Dungeon Keeper Online.

Dungeon KeeperEdit


The Temple is a room dedicated to the dark gods where creatures can worship and/or be sacrificed to gain rewards.

Worship makes creatures happy. It also protects them from Scavenging; any creature assigned to worship in the Temple will protect 2 more of its kind from scavenging, and its own immunity to scavenging lingers for about 1½ minutes after it leaves. Worship also cures the conditions of Chicken Icon Small Chicken and Disease Icon Small Disease.

One should be aware of the recipes, or be willing to bear the risks, when indulging in sacrifice. Not all creatures or recipes produce desirable results.


There are several issues to bear in mind when using a Temple. First and foremost, creatures dropped along the stone-tiled borders of the room will perform worship, but those dropped over the center, the rippling pool squares, will be sacrificed. The number of creatures that can worship in the structure is, as usual, determined by its size and efficiency. Creatures are not talented geometrists; strive to build square rooms; e.g., 5x5, to prevent creatures from getting stuck figuring out a path around/through/out of the room.

The main use for worship is in reducing Anger. An announcement is made when a creature becomes angry; otherwise, use the Query tool to determine if a visit to the Temple could be worthwhile.

The only occasion to lay down a particularly large Temple is to combat a Disease. The Temple cures the disease and, if large enough, can be a sort of quarantine— without it the disease might just pass endlessly around as creatures sit in the Lair trying to heal.


  • Ghosts love moaning in the Temple. In fact, their default task is worship, and they will only engage in their secondary task, Research, when the structure is not present or there is no space in it.
  • Vampires hate the gods. The only way to cure anger on these creatures is to bribe them or let them sleep for a while. They will rapidly become angry when using a Temple (and are the only minion that does so), although a split-second visit can still be useful to protect the fiend from scavenging and to purge enemy curses. In KeeperFX you can use the Mustobey Icon Small Must Obey spell to force them to pray, useful in getting them cured, but they certainly won't be happy for it.
  • Worship is a useful ongoing job to keep idle Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reapers happy.


When a new minion is generated by appropriate sacrifices, its level is determined by the following formula:

Level of resulting creature = average level of sacrificed creatures (rounded down) + 1

The centerpiece recipes in the original version of the game include the Horned Reaper and a method for lowering the incremental cost of Imps (allowing any number of them to be amassed at effectively 300 gold apiece). Insects are also useful in a number of rituals. The tables below provide a full listing.

Beneficial Dungeon Keeper Recipes
Sacrifice Result
Imp-icon Cost of CreateImp Icon Small Create Imp drops[1][2]
Beetle-icon  Beetle-icon Complete Manufacturing[1][2]
Fly-icon  Fly-icon Complete current Research[1][2]
Spider-icon  Spider-icon  Spider-icon Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon[1][2]
Fly-icon  Spider-icon Warlock-icon Warlock[1][2]
Beetle-icon  Spider-icon Dark-mistress-icon Mistress[1][2]
Dark-mistress-icon  Bile-demon-icon  Troll-icon  Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper[1][2]
Gold held Gold Gives gold to allies in multiplayer.
Else: "This is no wishing well, Keeper."
Harmful Dungeon Keeper Recipes
Ghost-icon All Hatchery Icon Small Chickens die[1][2]
Hatchery Icon Small Chicken All Hatchery Icon Small Chickens die[1]
Vampire-icon All creatures become Disease Icon Small Diseased[1][2]
Horned-reaper-icon All creatures become angry[Note 2][1][2]
Bile-demon-icon  Bile-demon-icon Turns all your creatures into Hatchery Icon Small Chickens[2]

Beneficial Keeper FX Recipes
Sacrifice Result
Dark-mistress-icon  Beetle-icon Casts Rebound icon small Rebound on your creatures FX
Bile-demon-icon  Beetle-icon Casts ProtectMonster Icon Small Protect Monster on your creatures FX
Troll-icon  Fly-icon Casts ConcealMonster Icon Small Conceal Monster on your creatures FX
Demon-spawn-icon  Fly-icon Casts Flight icon small Flight on your creatures FX
Fly-icon  Hound-icon Casts SpeedMonster Icon Small Speed Monster on your creatures FX
Orc-icon  Spider-icon Casts Heal Icon Small Heal on your creatures FX
Dragon-icon  Hound-icon  Orc-icon Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper FX
Orc-icon  Orc-icon  Demon-spawn-icon  Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon FX
Troll-icon  Spider-icon Tentacle-icon Tentacle FX
Beetle-icon  Orc-icon Tentacle-icon Tentacle FX
Troll-icon  Beetle-icon Demon-spawn-icon Demon Spawn FX
Demon-spawn-icon  Beetle-icon Hound-icon Hound FX
Demon-spawn-icon  Spider-icon Troll-icon Troll FX
Dragon-icon  Fly-icon Hound-icon Hound FX
Dragon-icon  Dark-mistress-icon Beetle-icon Beetle FX
Dragon-icon  Hound-icon Fly-icon Fly FX
Troll-icon  Troll-icon  Orc-icon Orc FX
Dark-mistress-icon  Hound-icon Imp-icon Imp FX
Harmful Keeper FX Recipes
Spider-icon  Bile-demon-icon  Dark-mistress-icon Creates a good Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper FX
Skeleton-icon  Skeleton-icon Creates a good Skeleton-icon Skeleton FX
Vampire-icon  Spider-icon Casts Freeze icon small Freeze on your creatures FX
Vampire-icon  Demon-spawn-icon Casts Slow icon small Slow on your creatures FX


Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

The Temple is the last room The Keeper gets access to, and costs 3000 gold per tile. It has a minimum size of 5x5, and attracts a maximum of 2 Dark Angels per Temple hand.

Building a 3x3 Temple allows the sacrifice of units. All sacrifices generate mana but sacrificing certain combinations of units will create either a new unit (both creatures and heroes), with a level average to the sacrificed units or an item.

A Temple becomes useful at higher levels when more powerful portal creatures are available; the weak ones can be sacrificed, and will generate more mana depending on the creature type and level. Resultant creatures from combinations also scale with the material creatures used.

It is usually not a wise move to build a Temple solely for the Dark Angels, unless gold is not a problem.

Another use of the Temple is to quickly generate mana by forcing creatures to pray by dropping them onto the outer ring of the Temple. Creature level doesn't affect the amount of produced mana from praying, except in the case that a level 4 creature only seems to generate 1/4 (rounded down) of the normal amount. Vampires and Warlocks will choose to pray willingly after spells have been researched.

When sacrificing something, The Mentor says "The Dark Gods have accepted your sacrifice" but when you sacrifice 2 Dark Mistresses and get a Skeleton, he says "Are you mad? the Dark Gods will punish you for such blasphemy!".

If you do not keep an eye on your praying creatures once in a while, sometimes one of them will fall into the pool and eventually "sacrifice" itself. Vampires seem to be especially prone to this for some reason.

Note that the creatures with which you are blessed by sacrificing other creatures, much like creatures converted in the Torture Chamber, do NOT count against the total number that your Portals will attract.


To get evil creatures
Creature Creature Creature Result
2 Vampire pickup Vampires -- -- Bile Demon pickup Bile Demon[3][4]
2 Troll pickup Trolls -- -- Warlock Warlock[3][4]
2 Salamander icon Salamanders -- -- Mistress pickup Mistress[3][4]
2 Darkelf Dark Elves -- -- Troll pickup Troll[4]
2 Warlock Warlocks -- -- Goblin icon Goblin[3][4]
2 Rogue Rogues -- -- Salamander icon Salamander[3][4]
2 Skeleton pickup Skeletons -- -- Darkelf Dark Elf[3][4]
2 Black Knight-icon Black Knights -- -- Vampire pickup Vampire[3][4]
2 Bile Demon pickup Bile Demons -- -- Rogue Rogue[3][4]
2 Mistress pickup Mistresses -- -- Skeleton pickup Skeleton[3][4]
1 Guard Icon Guard 1 Mistress pickup Mistress -- Black Knight-icon Black Knight
1 Black Knight-icon Black Knight 1 Warlock Warlock 1 Firefly Firefly

Imp pickup Imp[3][4]

To get Goodly Heroes
Creature Creature Spell Result
1 Black Knight-icon Black Knight -- Turncoat icon medium Turncoat Knight-icon Knight
1 Goblin icon Goblin -- Createimp2 icon medium Create Imp Dwarf Icon Dwarf
1 Bile Demon pickup Bile Demon 1 Salamander icon Salamander Tremor icon medium Tremor Giant icon Giant
1 Warlock Warlock -- Inferno icon medium Inferno Wizard icon Wizard
1 Darkelf Dark Elf -- Sightofevil2 icon medium Sight of Evil Elven Archer Icon Elven Archer
1 Mistress pickup Mistress -- Creategold icon medium Create Gold Thief icon Thief
1 Vampire pickup Vampire 1 Guard Icon Guard Heal2 icon medium Heal Monkpickup Monk
1 Mistress pickup Mistress 1 Firefly Firefly Thunderbolt icon medium Thunderbolt Fairypickup Fairy
1 Rogue Rogue 1 Darkelf Dark Elf Calltoarms2 icon medium Call to Arms Guard Icon Guard
To get Traps and Doors
Creature Creature Result
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Bile Demon pickup Bile Demon Gas Trap Icon Medium Gas Trap
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Giant icon Giant Boulder Trap2 Icon Medium Boulder Trap
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Warlock Warlock Sentry Trap Icon Medium Sentry Trap
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Darkelf Dark Elf Alarm Trap2 Icon Medium Alarm Trap
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Salamander icon Salamander Fireburst Trap Icon Medium Fireburst Trap
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Mistress pickup Mistress Lightning Trap2 Icon Medium Lightning Trap
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Fairypickup Fairy Freeze Trap Icon Medium Freeze Trap
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Skeleton pickup Skeleton Fear Trap Icon Medium Fear Trap
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Troll pickup Troll Trigger Trap Icon Medium Trigger Trap
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Black Knight-icon Black Knight Spike Trap Icon Medium Spike Trap
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Thief icon Thief Wooden Door2 Icon Medium Wooden Door
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Guard Icon Guard Braced Door2 Icon Medium Braced Door
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Knight-icon Knight Steel Door Icon Medium Steel Door
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Wizard icon Wizard Magic Door2 Icon Medium Magic Door
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Rogue Rogue Secret Door Icon Medium Secret Door
1 Imp pickup Imp 1 Elven Archer Icon Elven Archer Barricade Icon Medium Barricade
To get Magical Items
Creature Creature Creature Result
3 Monkpickup Monks -- -- Dungeon Keeper 2 Mana Boost Icon Mana Boost[3][4]
3 Thief icon Thieves -- -- Dungeon Keeper 2 Increase Gold Icon Increase Gold
2 Dwarf Icon Dwarves 1 Mistress pickup Mistress -- Dungeon Keeper 2 Make Safe Icon Make Safe[3][4]
1 Bile Demon pickup Bile Demon 1 Darkelf Dark Elf 1 Warlock Warlock Dungeon Keeper 2 Receive Imps Icon Receive Imps[3][4]
1 Bile Demon pickup Bile Demon 1 Giant icon Giant 1 Guard Icon Guard Dungeon Keeper 2 Stun Imps Icon Stun Imps
2 Mistress pickup Mistresses 1 Fairypickup Fairy Dungeon Keeper 2 Make Happy Icon Make Happy
Black Knight-icon Black Knight Goblin icon Goblin Darkelf Dark Elf Dungeon Keeper 2 Make Unhappy Icon Make Unhappy


Dungeon Keeper OnlineEdit

In Dungeon Keeper Online, this room works similarly to Dungeon Keeper 2; it boosts creature morale, and sacrifices to the gods can be made for rewards.[5] It uses the same icon as Dungeon Keeper 2.


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Notes Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 The campaign has no maps with these creatures in the pool.
  2. Does not work in Dungeon Keeper due to a coding error, but is fixed in Dungeon Keeper FX.
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