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The Deeper Dungeons is an expansion pack for Dungeon Keeper. It features 15 new singleplayer (and 15 new multiplayer) levels and an improved artificial intelligence for the enemies. It is included in Dungeon Keeper Gold and Dungeon Keeper Premium.


A bunch of Knights, who have somehow escaped your purge, have resurrected the Avatar. They have retaken many caverns beneath your conquest, and are reforming their army. You must stop them from overturning your victory and rule over the kingdom.[1]

Differences from the base game[]

Artificial Intelligence improvements include enemy Keepers selling their traps and doors when they're in dire need of gold. They also behave more miserly, and their ability to find gold is considerably improved. The creatures' artificial intelligence is also improved.[1]

Creatures now do not teleport to areas their master has not yet explored. Parties who have lost their leader now select a new one and continue their mission.[1]

There are also some new dungeon tilesets.[1]

Singleplayer levels[]

The general theme of this pseudo-campaign is that in each level, you're considerably in retard of your enemies (to a much greater degree than in the original campaign), who hold all the aces, and that you must use your skill and ingenuity to beat the odds.

Multiplayer levels[]





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