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The Dreadful Demise of Derek the Dauntless is a Dungeon Keeper story by Neil Cook. The story seems to be inspired by, or is possibly even just a more detailed version of, the intro; it centres around a knight who dares to confront a Dungeon Keeper's minions.

The booklet is included with Dungeon Keeper Gold and Dungeon Keeper Premium.[1][2]

Chapter 1: The Knight's Errand[]

Derek embarks on his quest to remove 'Ye Vile Curse That Hath Taken Root In Ye Olde Catacombs', and for honour and glory. It is revealed that he has been living in squalor (compared to his late father) since squandering his fortune gambling at The Bull and Frog inn, and that his castle is in a state of disrepair as a result, so he also anticipates looting the dungeon to get out of Queer Street, restore his family name, renovate the castle, and present himself as a hero of the kingdom.

Chapter 2: The Road to Glory[]

Derek gaily makes his way to Ye Olde Catacombs, feeling almost sorry for the creatures he envisions slaying. He learns of a Keeper who is feared and whom no-one has ever returned after having seen. He is also angered when he is told that he will likely be pulverised by the Keeper.

Chapter 3: Trouble Brewing at the Inn[]

Derek stops at The Bull and Frog inn before proceeding to Ye Olde Catacombs.

Chapter 4: Derek's Doom Approaches[]

Derek reaches Ye Olde Catacombs. He enters and kills two trolls. The clamour attracts the attention of two more trolls, who abandoned their game of cards to assist in the dungeon's defence. A complacent Derek raises his sword to fight them when he notices a 'huge, great, bloated beast with more horns than the brass section of an orchestra', whom he is terrified by. After hearing something behind him, Derek turns around and faces 'a giant figure with scarlet flesh', who is grinning and carrying a scythe. He beheads Derek, whose corpse and head are taken by a group of Imps to the kitchen.


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