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The Thief is a hero encountered in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Dungeon Keeper Thief movement animation

Ingame animation of the Thief

Thieves have exceptional hit and dodge ratings (Dexterity and Skill under Query). However, they are just too flimsy for pitched combat and are barely able to overcome Beetles in a one-on-one encounter.

On some levels, Thieves make their way directly to the Treasure Room to steal gold, and if they are of sufficiently-high level, they employ Speed and Invisibility spells to slip past the Keeper's minions on this mission. Blaise End is an especially serious case.

Converted Thieves transform into level 3 Knights when they train past level 10. Knights are much tougher than Thieves, so it should be done in the interests of making the Thief worth something in a scrap. However, the training takes considerable money and an incredible length of time, so unless you expect/want the match to go on for ages, leave Thieves to rot in the Prison or Graveyard instead.

Dungeon Keeper Thief portrait

The Thief's Portrait


Combat Statistics
Query Speed icon Dungeon Keeper Speed: 48
Heal Icon Small Base Health: 250
Strength Base Strength: 30
Defence Defence: 20
Skill Base Skill: 80
Dexterity Base Dexterity: 120
Luck Luck: 14
Tasks & Management
Thief-icon Primary Job Do Nothing
Library Icon Small Base Research Skill 1
Workshop Icon Small Base Manufacturing Skill 1
Training Room Icon Small Training Skill 1
Wage Training Cost /64t 12
ScavengerRoom Icon Small Base Scavenging Skill 2
Wage Scavenging Cost /64t 8
Temple Icon Small Praying Anger -50
Lair Icon Small Sleeping Anger -1
Heal Icon Small Sleep Recovery 4
Hatchery Icon Small Hunger 2Chicken icon tiny / 5000t
Wage Base Wage 57


  • Thieves have one-tenth the normal torture resistance (100t). They will quickly leak map information or convert. On balance, few men could withstand for long what they are subjected to.
  • The icons for the Thief and Archer are the wrong-way-round, considering the Archer's red garb, and they are hard to differentiate in any case:
Thief-icon Thief
Archer-icon Archer


  • If you train a Thief past level 10, he will become a level 3 Knight.
  • If unhappy, there's a small chance that he will steal gold from the Treasure Room.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Dungeon Keeper 2 Thief panel icon

Thief panel icon

The Thief is a scoundrel among hero ranks who only joined their forces to raid the Keeper's dungeon for treasure, and can be a nuisance to stray creatures.

Usually in the company of stronger heroes, he will run away if the Keeper's forces overwhelm him, but he will pick lone targets.

The Thief is slightly weaker than the rogue in terms of health, and does slightly less damage; but attacks faster. If converted, it's an excellent replacement for the Rogue, with average health, speed and damage.

His Invisibility spell, unlocked at level 8, will make him perfect to possess and sneak inside enemy fortresses to assassinate enemies.

When converted, a Thief will gamble or train. He's able to pick locks, just like Rogues, and he's able to spot traps.

The Mentor's Thoughts=[]

"A Thief has joined your ranks. These miscreants will steal any gold they see, and reveal any hidden Traps that may harm your other minions."
The Mentor, Pet Dungeon Mode


  • It's not recommended to have more than two Thieves, due to their high pay.


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