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For the Dungeon Keeper spell, see Lightning Strike.

"One of your simpler offensive spells, Thunderbolt hurls down a bolt of electrical energy on an enemy creature that has had the gall to enter your domain."
— Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual

The Thunderbolt in Dungeon Keeper 2 spell deals light damage and stuns enemy creatures, negating their Fear effect on your creatures while they are stunned.

In Dungeon Keeper Online, this spell's name translates to Electric Shock. It is otherwise very similar, if not identical, to its Dungeon Keeper 2 counterpart.[3]

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

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Dungeon Keeper Online[]

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Dungeon Keeper Mobile[]


Thunderbolt Spell


Are you tired of of the Unholy Temple slowing you to a crawl while getting picked apart by traps, minions or other rooms?  Are you tired of the Torture Chamber zapping your minions in to dust?  We have finally found a cure for that.  Well, a temporary cure that is.  The Thunderbolt spell will not only do a little bit of damage to a room, it will also temporarily stun it so your minions can move in and demolish it.


Usage Type Tap
Mana Cost 150
No. of Targets 3
Requirement Dark Library (Level 5)


  • Disables Rooms temporarily and inflicts minor damage
  • Disable duration increases with Spell level
  • Once one of the three targets has been selected, the spell cannot be cancelled, you will need to select the other two targets
  • Less effective against Dungeon Hearts


Level Experience Total Experience Status Duration Damage
1 0 0 10s 270
2 50 50 12s 390
3 250 300 14s 580
4 500 800 16s 1,100
5 1,000 1,800 20s 1,550
6 1,250 3,050 22s 2,000


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