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Tilesets are a feature in Dungeon Keeper that allow different maps to have different graphics. There were four tilesets included in the base game, with another four tilesets included in The Deeper Dungeons. A map's tileset can be set using an editor, or manually through editing the .inf file (consisting of a hexadecimal byte) using a hex editor.

In Dungeon Keeper FX, this has been considerably expanded, with the inclusion of custom tilesets and the ability to have multiple tilesets per map using a .slx file. Some tilesets have also had minor tweaks and fixes, such as the Winter Claimed Path player markers now being the correct colour, and the purple Reinforced Wall player markers in some tilesets being correctly changed to yellow. The level editor Unearth can be used to compile tileset assets for use on maps.

The tilesets are as follows (these names are not official, but are used in various editors):

  • 0: Standard
  • 1: Ancient
  • 2: Winter (this also changes the footsteps when moving over dirt path to sound like footsteps on snow rather than on a hard surface)
  • 3: Snake Key
  • 4: Stone Face (introduced in The Deeper Dungeons)
  • 5: Voluptuous (introduced in The Deeper Dungeons)
  • 6: Rough Ancient (introduced in The Deeper Dungeons)
  • 7: Skull Relief (introduced in The Deeper Dungeons)
  • 8: Desert Tomb (introduced as a custom in Keeper FX 0.4.9)
  • 9: Gypsum (introduced as a custom in Keeper FX 0.4.9)
  • 10: Lilac Stone (introduced as a custom in Keeper FX 0.4.9)
  • 11: Swamp Serpent (introduced as a custom in Keeper FX 0.4.9)
  • 12: Lava Caverns (introduced as a custom in Keeper FX 0.4.9)
0 1 2 3 4-7 8 9 10 11 12
Tileset 0 Dungeon Keeper Tileset 1 Dungeon Keeper Tileset 2 Dungeon Keeper Tileset 3 Dungeon Keeper Tilesets 4 to 7 Dungeon Keeper Tileset 8 Dungeon Keeper Tileset 9 Dungeon Keeper Tileset 10 Dungeon Keeper Tileset 11 Dungeon Keeper Tileset 12 Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper 2 does not have tilesets: all levels have the same graphics.