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Time Bomb is a creature spell that was cut from Dungeon Keeper. CREATURE.TXT can be edited so a creature can use it, but it does nothing. Its sound is the same as that of the Drain spell. It has no icon, so the Temple, which is too big to fit on the slot, is used. It presumably would have had the same effect as its Keeper counterpart,

In KeeperFX, it is a slow-moving, but extremely powerful projectile. It can be used as an offensive spell like Meteor and Fireball. It seems to pack a punch, both directly and in splash damage.

Description (KeeperFX)[]

Time Bomb is a very powerful projectile weapon; a direct hit deals 275 points of damage (making it stronger than Word of Power). A single casting is sufficient to destroy a Wooden Door, three castings will destroy Braced Doors and Iron Doors and two casting will cause a Dungeon Heart to shrink to the next size down. However, as this spell does not deal magical damage, it still takes many direct hits to destroy a Magic Door, despite the spell's immense power. The blast radius is also fairly large, and when the projectile "explodes", it pushes creatures back quite a distance. No creature learns this by default; for a creature to gain it, its stats must be edited.

In later versions of KeeperFX, creatures who have this spell will use it of their own accord. Because it has next to no recharge time, they tend to fire fusillades of the spell, often resulting in total devastation. They can also neglect to use their other projectile spells.

Curiously, when this spell is deflected by the Rebound spell, it becomes much faster.

Time Bomb uses the same sprite as Chicken and Disease.

As of KeeperFX 1.1.0, the projectile casts the Time Bomb spell on the creature it hits.