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On-screen timers are shown in the Dungeon Keeper games to display the amount of time remaining until something, usually major, happens.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Timers are shown in the top-right corner of the screen.

Bonus level timer[]

Bonus level timer Dungeon Keeper

This timer appears on bonus levels and shows the time remaining (in game turns, the number of which is halved) until you automatically lose the level. It has five digits.

Dungeon Keeper FX[]

These timers were written by Adam Plenty, and are featured in Dungeon Keeper FX 0.4.9. In addition, maps can display timers based on behind-the-scenes timers with the DISPLAY_TIMER and DISPLAY_COUNTDOWN level script commands.

Game timer[]

Game timer Dungeon Keeper

This displays the number of game turns that have been executed. Unlike the bonus level timer, it counts upwards, and has eight digits for a maximum value of 99999999 turns (at the standard 20 frames per second, that's 57 days). As it counts game turns rather than actual time, its timing is dependent on the framerate and whether frameskip is used; the higher the framerate, the faster time will go, and the same goes for the more frames skipped. To use this timer, run the game with the -timer game command line parameter.

Real time timer[]

Real time timer Dungeon Keeper FX

This timer times real time rather than game turns, being a pseudo time attack function. However, as best timers are not recorded long-term (times are only recorded in the log file, which is cleared when the game loads), it is not a true time attack function. It is independent of and unaffected by the framerate and the use of frameskip. When this timer is enabled, a message showing the amount of time taken to win the level is shown at that moment, and the total amount of time (until the Space bar is pressed) is shown on the Level statistics screen. To use this timer, run the game with the -timer parameter. To keep the timer running throughout the game (by default, it resets when a level starts or a game is loaded), append -continuous to it. With this option enabled, the timer starts timing from when the program is run. The use of this timer is due to be made compulsory for official speedrunning recording.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

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