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This page lists tips, tricks, and exploits for Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Guard Post blocking water Dungeon Keeper

Using a Guard Post to block off breaches into water or lava is a very easy, and very exploitable, trick.

  • Make sure to reinforce the walls of your rooms and place doors at their entrances whenever possible. This boosts their efficiency, effectively making the room more powerful (which can mean not only an increased capacity, but tasks can be completed more quickly), but with no increase in cost. Guard Posts also increase efficiency when placed next to other rooms, though this is no longer the case in recent versions of KeeperFX.
  • Use Guard Posts to wall off areas of water or lava from your dungeon. Guard Post tiles are much higher than other floor tiles, so non-flying creatures will not be able to pass over them from liquid, which is lower than most floor tiles.
  • If you're possessing a creature and expect to encounter Boulder Traps, make sure you're possessing a creature who has either Meteor or Grenade (the former is easier to control); they can destroy boulders, provided it's rolling.
  • If you have the money, you can create lots of Imps, kill them (e.g. by slapping them), and put them in a Graveyard to create an army of Vampires. However, from KeeperFX 0.4.9, Imp corpses can no longer be made into Vampires.
  • You can also create lots of Imps to sacrifice in the Temple. This makes them cheaper to create. Doing this is often cheaper in the long run.
  • You can sometimes take advantage of the game's thing limit (2048) or creature limit (255) by creating Imps up to this limit, thereby preventing enemy Keepers from spawning new creatures and hero parties from spawning. On some levels, there is a win condition (usually that these spawned heroes are all killed or captured) after such a spawning, which will still be checked; you will therefore win the level, and without having to face the hordes of enemies you would otherwise have to boot.
  • If you need to possess a creature quickly after dropping it somewhere, hold ⇧ Shift and click the creature instead of going to the Spells Panel.
  • It is sometimes possible to lure heroes who need to cross lava into a trap by placing a Bridge between them and your dungeon, and then selling both ends of it once they're at the centre. Unless they can fly or are immune to lava, they will then be at the mercy of your spells or army or possessed creature. This is especially useful against enemies who only have mêlée attacks.
  • If you find yourself short of money and have a Workshop, placing doors and traps and then selling them is a slow but infinite source of income.
  • Have idle Horned Reapers pray in a Temple if you have one and there's nothing better for them to do. This keeps them happy.
  • You can keep Keeper Spells on full charge by very quickly holding the button after releasing it to cast a spell.
  • If you need to cast a Keeper spell on a creature on full charge, charge it up before hovering the cursor over the creature on whom you wish to cast it, as charging a spell whilst the cursor is over a creature makes it "freeze", leaving it vulnerable to attack.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

  • Do not move a Call to Arms flag by recasting it via the Control Panel; this wastes mana. The proper way to move the flag is by picking it up and dropping it elsewhere.
  • The above-mentioned lava-bridge trick is still useful, though it must be a Stone Bridge.
  • If you have idle Skeletons, place them in a Temple (not the pool!) if possible; they will stay there and generate mana indefinitely.
  • Make Temple sacrifices to gain creatures (using creatures attracted through the Portal) whenever you can, as, unlike the first game, creatures obtained via sacrifice do not count towards your Portal attraction limitation. Therefore, this trick can be repeated to boost your numbers in the long run.
  • It is possible to train your creatures for free by making a Temple without the centre tile (so no pool), placing an unwanted creature on the centre tile, placing the pool, and slapping the creature so that it gets stuck there. When the creature rebels, your ranged creatures will attack it and gain experience. This is especially useful for Vampires; their Slow spell deals no damage, yet still gives them XP.

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