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For the bonus torture rooms scene, see Torture Dungeon.

The Torture Chamber is a room in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, Dungeon Keeper Online, and Dungeon Keeper Mobile. It is used to convert heroes, rebel creatures and enemy creatures to your side. This room attracts the fearsome Mistress, who regularly uses this room.

Dungeon Keeper[]

In Dungeon Keeper, this room is used to convert heroes and enemy creatures so you can use them to your own evil ends. The appearance looks similar to several platforms with dormant torturers in cloaks. The cloaked torturer will proceed to use specific styles of torture on different types of units, for example if an Imp is dropped on the table the cloaked torturer will hit him with a pick-axe.

Torture Animations
Evil Creatures Goodly Heroes
Beetle-icon Beetle Beetle torture animation Dungeon Keeper Archer-icon Archer Archer torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon Bile Demon torture animation Dungeon Keeper Barbarian-icon Barbarian Barbarian torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Demon-spawn-icon Demon Spawn Demon Spawn torture animation Dungeon Keeper Fairy-icon Fairy Fairy torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Dragon-icon Dragon Dragon torture animation Dungeon Keeper Knight-icon Knight Knight torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Fly-icon Fly Fly torture animation Dungeon Keeper Thief-icon Thief Thief torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Ghost-icon Ghost Generic torture animation Dungeon Keeper Avatar-icon Avatar Generic torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Hound-icon Hound Monk-icon Monk
Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper Mountain-dwarf-icon Mountain Dwarf
Priestess-icon Priestess
Samurai-icon Samurai
Tunneler-icon Tunneller
Giant-icon Giant
Imp-icon Imp Imp torture animation Dungeon Keeper Wizard-icon Wizard Wizard torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Dark-mistress-icon Dark Mistress Dark Mistress torture animation Dungeon Keeper Time mage-icon Time Mage Time Mage torture animation Dungeon Keeper FX
Orc-icon Orc Orc torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Skeleton-icon Skeleton Skeleton torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Spider-icon Spider Spider torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Tentacle-icon Tentacle Tentacle torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Troll-icon Troll Troll torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Vampire-icon Vampire Vampire torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Warlock-icon Warlock Warlock torture animation Dungeon Keeper
Dungeon Keeper early torture art

Early torture art

You can also torture your own creatures, which will increase the productivity of other creatures of that type by increasing their speed by 25 per cent (and they take half pay),[2] but this hurts them over time and will result in anger if torture continues for too long. The speed buff provided by the Torture Chamber stacks with those of slapping and using the Speed spell, making it particularly useful if time is of the essence.

When trying to convert prisoners, heal them or feed them chickens, to reduce the chance that they will die before conversion. If the creature being tortured has the Heal spell, it will heal itself if picked up and dropped back into the Torture Chamber.

Should a victim die in the chamber, it will be resurrected as a Ghost, and all creatures of its type gain around 5 annoyance.[2] The Ghost spawns at the same experience level as the victim, and their magical abilities may make them useful units if the wages of converted enemies can not be afforded. Ghosts themselves can be tortured; if one dies in the Torture Chamber, it will spawn a new Ghost at the same level as normal.

Torturing a creature for too long reduces the annoyance accumulation for every creature of the same type during the torture.[2]

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Torture Chamber art Dungeon Keeper 2

Concept art

The Torture Chamber changes quite a bit in Dungeon Keeper 2: namely, the cloaked torturers have been replaced by automated electric chairs and torture wheels, and the unique torture styles are removed. The Mistress will spend most of her time here, torturing herself or her victims. There is a level based around the torture room, as you need to convert the princes Tristan, Felix, and Balder.

Torture Device concept art Dungeon Keeper 2

Concept art for a torture device

Torture wheels are also placed on the walls, so you should remember to leave 3 tiles of wall around the chamber wherever possible to make more room for pain and sorrow.

You should often try to convert enemy creatures if you can afford their wages; the exception being the Thief, which is generally too weak to be worth the effort (The Dwarf is even weaker than the Thief, but their lack of basic needs and their ability to work like Imps more than make up for that.). Converted heroes will only become unhappy if sharing the same connected Lair tiles as your portal creatures or if guarding, training, or working in the same room, and they are often just as strong or stronger than their evil creature counterparts.

Any converted creature does not count towards your Portal food count, so you can have a larger army if you convert every enemy you defeat, so long as you can afford the wage. If your money is limited, you should only try to convert the highest levels of your enemies.


  • Fireflies, when dropped on electric chairs, are instantly killed (lightning is lethal to them).
  • Cloaked Torturers can not be tortured.

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

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Dungeon Keeper Mobile[]

Torture Chamber

Torture Chamber


This room Is one of the last rooms a keeper can access. It unlocks the powerful Mistress who can increase the effectiveness of other minions and immortals. The room itself damages enemies by firing rapid lightening strikes at a single target at a rate of 4 strikes per second. It also has one of the longest firing ranges of all the buildings within Dungeon Keeper.


  • Built-In defense travels very far and very fast
  • Unlocks the Mistress
  • 4x4 building
  • Effective against Immortals due to single target damage
  • Does lightning damage which is effective against Tiny and Ghosts
  • Is not defended by a Mistress during player raids
  • Bolstering increases minion and immortal damage


Defense Caged Lightning
Targets Ground & Air
Damage Type Electrical
Attack Speed 0.25s
Attack Range 5 Tiles
Size 4x4


Level Damage DPS Health Build Time Build Cost (Stone) Max Mistress Training Dungeon Heart Required
1 23 92 7,350 1d 900k Level 1 Level 8
2 24 96 7,650 1d 12h 1.8M -
3 25 100 7,950 2d 2.3M Level 2
4 26 104 8,250 2d 12h 2.7M -
5 27 108 8,550 3d 3.1M Level 3 Level 9
6 28 112 8,850 4d 3.5M -
7 29 116 9,150 5d 4M Level 4
8 30 120 9,450 6d 5.5M -
9 31 124 9,750 7d 6M - Level 10
10 32 128 10,350 8d 6.5M Level 5
11 33 132 10,875 9d 13M Level 6 Level 11
12 34 136 11,355 10d 13.2M - Level 12
13 35 140 11,915 11d 13.4M Level 7 Level 13
14 36 144 12,620 12d 20M - Level 14
15 37 148 13,170 13d 28M Level 8 Level 15
16 38 152 13,720 13d 40M - Level 17
17 39 156 14.210 13d 44M Level 9 ?
18 40 160 14.960 14d 48M - ?
19 41 164 15.550 14d 49M - ?
20 42 168 16,120 14d 52M Level 10 ?
21 43 172 16,690 14d 52.2M - ?
22 44 176 17,260 14d 52.4M - ?
23 45 180 17,830 14d 56M ? ?
24 46 184 18,400 14d 62M ? Level 24
25 47 188 18,970 14d 66M ? Level 25
26 48 19,540 14d 68M - Level 26
27 49 20,110 14d 70M Level 12 Level 27
28 50 20,680 16d - Level 28
29 51 21,250 18d 80M Level 13 Level 29
30 52 21,820 20d 84M ? Level 30
31 53 ? ? 22d 85M ? Level 31
32 54 ? 22,960 24d 86M ? Level 32
33 55 ? 23,930 26d 87M ? Level 33
34 56 ? 24,100 28d 88M ? Level 34
35 57 ? 24,670 30d 90M ? Level 35


  • Build times have been updated for May, 2018 update.
  • Max level is 35


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