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For the in-game room, see Torture Chamber.

In Dungeon Keeper, the Torture Dungeon[1] is where the player gets to go on imprisoning a Knight during a campaign and winning the level, or on winning a multiplayer match. It allows the player to torture the victim(s), with each door (including the trapdoor at the bottom) inflicting a different torture.[1][2]

The players clicks on a door to choose a torture to inflict on the victim.[2] In multiplayer, the losers all hear the tortures the winner chooses, have no control over anything, and must wait until the winner decides they've suffered enough before proceeding to the level statistics screen. There is no limit to the number of tortures that can be inflicted or how long the player can stay in this scene for.[1]

This dungeon also appears in the Desktop Theme's screensaver. Being a screensaver, the victim is given random tortures, and the user has no control.

Dungeon Keeper Knight being dragged

A Knight being dragged by an Imp to the Torture Dungeon

There is a cutscene of the Knight being dragged to this dungeon, but it is unused. However, it is shown in KeeperFX.

Torture Dungeon on the Goodies Disc

The Torture Dungeon as it appears on the Goodies Disc

On the Dungeon Keeper Goodies Disc, there is an image of a version that has more light penetrating the doors. It is available as a Desktop Theme wallpaper.


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