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Traps are an important part of Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2, used to defend yourself as well as attack and fend off your enemies. Traps are created in the Workshop.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Alarm TrapPoison Gas TrapLightning TrapLava TrapBoulder TrapWord of Power TrapTraps in Dungeon Keeper
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In Dungeon Keeper, to create traps, you must build a Workshop and then place creatures in it (although some creatures will refuse). Creating traps works similarly to researching: there is a meter on the Information Panel which will increase as creatures work in the Workshop, and once full will create a trap, which will appear as a rotating, sparkling crate. Once the trap is placed, an Imp will take the crate and set up the trap. An unset (or expired) trap will appear translucent.

The only way to destroy an enemy trap is to claim the tile it's on.

The traps possible to create depend on the size of your Workshop. Traps are free to create and place, and can be sold for gold.

Traps in Dungeon Keeper:

Comparison Table: Traps
  Trap   Min Workshop Size    Selling Value     Manufacturing Points
to build 
Trap Gas Small Poison Gas Trap 10 350 20,000 5
Trap Alarm Small Alarm Trap 1 250 18,000 12
Trap Lightning Small Lightning Trap 17 500 20,000 8
Trap Word Small Word of Power Trap 37 750 20,000 3
Trap Boulder Small Boulder Trap 26 1000 25,000 1
Trap Lava Small Lava Trap 26 750 20,000 1


In the actual game, traps are always placed at the centre of a tile, and you cannot place traps on tiles that already have one. Despite this, some levels, such as Tulipscent, start out with some tiles having multiple traps (on different subtiles), and the official editor lets you place traps on specific subtiles (and therefore have up to 9 traps on a tile). When a unit enters a tile, all traps on it are triggered at once; the unit doesn't have to enter the specific subtile the trap is on to trigger it. However, KeeperFX 0.5 will have an option to for traps to trigger on a subtile basis.

Normal Multiple per tile
Single trap per tile. Multiple traps per tile.

The maximum number of any trap you can have available to place is 255. When you place a trap, all decoration[Note 1] (statues, flambeaus, etc) on the tile is destroyed and cannot be restored, even if the trap is sold.


From KeeperFX, traps can be configured in the config file, to the extent that the trigger type, shot type, and effect type can be specified and configured. In other words, it is possible to make entirely new traps (for example, it is possible to recreate the cut Fireball and Freeze traps). However, you can only replace existing traps, not add new ones.

From KeeperFX, Traps can be configured via level scripts with the SET_TRAP_CONFIGURATION command.

From KeeperFX, it is possible (by enabling a game rule) to place traps on specific subtiles, and therefore have up to 9 per tile.


Early content[]

  • Early trap icon Dungeon Keeper Unknown
  • Early trap icon 5 Dungeon Keeper Unknown
  • Early trap icon 4 Dungeon Keeper Unknown
  • Early trap icon 10 Dungeon Keeper Unknown
  • Early trap icon 8 Dungeon Keeper Unknown
  • Early trap icon 7 Dungeon Keeper Unknown

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Traps icon

In Dungeon Keeper 2, you may select which trap you want to create, although only a small number of creatures will work in the Workshop. Traps in Dungeon Keeper 2 require gold to create.

Trap blueprints

A corridor of traps and trap blueprints. Note also the list of available traps

As before, completed traps appear as crates and are dragged to location by Imps. Trap blueprints are now blue, and traps themselves have health flowers. They require mana to keep working: if there is not enough mana, they cannot function.

Traps in Dungeon Keeper 2:

Comparison Table: Traps
  Trap   Health     Gold Cost     Manufacturing Points
to build  
  Mana Drain
per second  
Mana to fire Recharge
per second
Damage Rating
Gas Trap Icon Medium Gas Trap 300 600 150 5 0 4 Small
Alarm Trap2 Icon Medium Alarm Trap 200 500 150 5 0 1 None
Lightning Trap2 Icon Medium Lightning Trap 600 3000 900 25 375 12 Substantial
Fireburst Trap Icon Medium Fireburst Trap 800 6000 1200 10 250 12 Devastating
Boulder Trap2 Icon Medium Boulder Trap 800 1500 600 5 0 16 Substantial
Spike Trap Icon Medium Spike Trap 400 750 600 5 0 4 Average
Trigger Trap Icon Medium Trigger Trap 200 300 150 5 0 4 None
Sentry Trap Icon Medium Sentry Trap 300 1000 150 5 250 6 Minimal
Jack In The Box Trap Icon Medium Jack-In-The-Box Trap 800 10000 2000 5 0 16 --
Fear Trap Icon Medium Fear Trap 600 750 150 5 125 12 None
Freeze Trap Icon Medium Freeze Trap 600 1500 900 5 0 6 None
Guard Post Trap Icon Medium Guard Post 200 300 150 0 0 4 None



Dungeon Keeper Online[]

Dungeon Keeper Online has the following traps:

Dungeon Keeper Mobile[]


Permanent Traps[]

These cost stone to build, and take a set amount of time for an imp to build. They can be upgraded for more stone and time. They can be triggered repeatedly during a raid.  Two of these types of traps cannot be attacked by minions but can be disabled with the Disable Trap spell:

The rest of the permanent traps are destructible, meaning that they can be destroyed by minions or spells within a raid, but will be restored once the raid has completed. 

One Time Traps[]

These are triggered once then are gone. They cost gold to create, but are built instantly. They require no imp to build them. After being triggered by an attacking raid, you can recharge them individually or all at once.


  1. This means items that serve exclusively to enhance the aesthetics. It doesn't necessarily mean objects that are categorised under 'Decoration'.


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