The Treasury (Dungeon Keeper 2), or Treasure Room (Dungeon Keeper), is a storage area for gold.

Dungeon Keeper Edit

The Treasure Room adds space for storing gold. It is cheap to construct, at 50 gold per tile, and is one of the "basic 5" rooms, usually available at the beginning of any level. As the efficiency of the room increases, the more gold it can hold on one tile, ranging from a small pile of gold, to a hoard of coins, gems, ceremonial swords etc.

If the dungeon has multiple Treasure Rooms, the most recent room to have slabs constructed or sold is the "active" room— the one from which all the player's expenses are deducted. Even when a creature collects its payday from a different Treasure Room, the gold is deducted from the "active" one, for instance.

The Dungeon Keeper Goodies Disc contains wave files of Mentor dialogue that were cut from the game, some of which mention a 'Counting House' room.[5] This is presumably this room, or an early version of it.

Notes on Efficiency Edit

A Treasure Room bounded on all sides by fortified walls and Doors and/or Guard Post Icon Small Guard Posts has 100 percent efficiency, and a correspondingly high gold capacity per tile. However, if it is filled-up, there is a noticeable glitch which prevents that room from being recognized as full by the Imp-icon Imps, and they may start running around it in confusion, wasting time.

So in the interest of keeping the Imp-icon Imps focused, it may not be the best idea to create a 100 percent efficient Treasure Room, and furthermore, it's a good idea to make sure that the Treasure Room most convenient to the Gold and Gem Seams is the "active" room, so that it depletes while the Imp-icon Imps fill it up.

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Dungeon Keeper 2 Edit

Description Edit

"The Treasury is where your Imps stash the Gold and gems that they’ve mined and where your creatures come each ‘pay-day’ to receive their ill-gotten gains (wages). You can manually pick up Gold using the Hand of Evil, and drop it into the Treasury to be added to your coffers. If the Treasury is full, the Gold can be stored in the Dungeon Heart though if this, too, is full, then it is left where it falls and fails to register in your total wealth.

Should you choose to delete a Treasury, any Gold left on the floor drops onto the empty tiles, waiting to be picked up by the first passer by. Note: At the start of levels, you may notice that your total wealth differs from the amount in your Treasuries. This is because your starting Gold is treated as a separate stockpile, to be used up before the Gold in your Treasuries."

— Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual

In many cases where gold is plentiful or if there is a gem vein, but it is very far from your main treasure; a few Treasury tiles should be built close by so your imps can efficiently mine the gold. You can then manually pick it up with the hand of evil and dump it on your Dungeon Heart (which should fill, and then the gold on the heart is taken to your main Treasury by other Imps). The few Treasury tiles you made for the process are sold later if the gold veins are mined out, or left there for later if it is a gem vein and you are done mining for the time.

It costs 200 Gold/tile, and allows you to store 3000 gold on each tile. It can be any shape and size.

Trivia Edit

Contrary to what the manual,[6] reference card, and even the Mentor state, the Treasury does not attract Rogues (or any other creature).[7][8][3]


Dungeon Keeper Online Edit

In Dungeon Keeper Online this room serves the same purpose as it did in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.[4] The amount of gold one can store depends on its size and level. Gold can be saved and withdrawn with the corresponding buttons to the right of the screen.[9] It uses the same icon as Dungeon Keeper 2.

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References Edit

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