Trigger Trap
Appears in Dungeon Keeper 2
Icon Trigger Trap Icon Medium
Cost (Buy/Sell) 300/150
Health 2000
Mana upkeep/cost to fire 5/-
Damages your Creatures? No
Time to craft 1500


"This trap is used to set off other Traps that are out of range, or to set off a
number of Traps all at the same time and at the same target.

If positioned wisely, Trigger Traps enable you to co-ordinate your other Traps to launch fearsome multiple offensives on single enemy targets."

The Trigger Trap (also known as the Switch Trap[1]) is a trap unique to Dungeon Keeper 2. It is interesting in that it has no real effect by itself, but is used to activate traps adjacent to it. Examples of use include setting them up in a line leading to a Boulder Trap, to set it off from a distance, or in a line to fire multiple Sentry Traps at once on one opponent. LIke many traps, Trigger Traps are not triggered by flying enemies.


  1. ダンジョンキーパー2コンプリートガイドブック (in Japanese). p. 28. Tokyo: Keibunsha. 1999. ISBN 978-4-7669-3293-5.

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