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The Troll is a creature type in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, and Dungeon Keeper Mobile. Despite being unintelligent, therefore being poor researchers, they are extremely dexterous and excel at manufacturing.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Troll portrait Dungeon Keeper no border

The Troll's Portrait

"Skilled in the craft of manufacturing, trolls are best employed doing dark deeds in your Workshop. They don't complain about the hours, because their labours keep them away from combat."
— In game introduction (Dungeon Keeper)
"This is a very hardy creature whose primary job is in the Workshop. They are average fighters."
— Dungeon Keeper Manual
Dungeon Keeper Troll animation

Ingame animation of a Troll

Dungeon Keeper Troll Render

Official Render of the Troll in Dungeon Keeper

Trolls excel at manufacturing items in the Workshop. If a Workshop is available, they will head there and hammer on its anvils to their heart's content. Trolls are the best creatures for manufacturing; the only creatures that come close (although they are still inferior) are Bile Demons, Orcs, and Mountain Dwarves. On the other hand, Trolls cannot conduct research, although they are passably good scavengers.

The Dungeon Keeper Demo level refers to Trolls as goblins and claims that they are 'excellent soldiers', which they are not; they are rather poor in combat (their purple-skinned cousins are considerably superior), so keep them away from battle if possible. Although Trolls are not the best fighters, they can still hold their own if trained to a high enough level. Training them is beneficial for their manufacturing skill, too, as in addition to task skills rising by 35%-of-base per level gained, Trolls learn Speed at level 4 and double their productivity.


Combat Statistics
Query Speed icon Dungeon Keeper Speed: 48
Heal Icon Small Base Health: 450
Strength Base Strength: 40
Defence Defence: 35
Skill Base Skill: 50
Dexterity Base Dexterity: 50
Luck Luck: 10
Tasks & Management
Troll-icon Primary Job Manufacture
Library Icon Small Base Research Skill none
Workshop Icon Small Base Manufacturing Skill 4
Training Room Icon Small Training Skill 1
Wage Training Cost /64t 12
ScavengerRoom Icon Small Base Scavenging Skill 2
Wage Scavenging Cost /64t 18
Temple Icon Small Praying Anger -50
Lair Icon Small Sleeping Anger -3
Heal Icon Small Sleep Recovery 6
Hatchery Icon Small Hunger 3Chicken icon tiny / 6000t
Wage Base Wage 50


  • In Waterdream Warm, it is stated that Trolls are stupid and have difficulty holding Library books the correct way. But this seems rather weird because they are very good manufacturers. So having a low IQ and difficulty holding things the right way doesn't make sense. It was likely meant as a humorous way to say they are poor researchers.
  • In this regard, they are the polar opposite of Warlocks, who are intelligent but have a poor dexterity.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Dungeon Keeper 2 Troll panel icon

The Troll panel icon

"Essentially a manual worker by trade (trolls despise having to do research), the troll is a valuable ally, albeit a very ugly one. Its manual dexterity make it ideal for constructing and disassembling items in the workshop, and for disarming enemy traps."
— Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual

The Troll is a weak figure. Even the Goblin is stronger than him. But his strength is not in battle, but more in his ability to manufacture. He is the fastest creature to manufacture, and will create traps and doors at lightning speeds. A few of them can arm your whole dungeon with traps and doors to keep heroes out for a long time.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Troll Concept Art

Troll Concept Art (Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual)

The Mentor's thoughts[]

"A Troll arrives, attracted by the splendour of your Workshop. His crafting skills are set to serve you well as one who toil will make both traps and doors for you to use in your defence."

Dungeon Keeper Mobile[]


Troll progression Dungeon Keeper Mobile


The Troll was a brutish minion, with increased health, who sought out the combat rooms or traps that are attacking it. Trolls also targeted anti-air traps if they saw them.

The Troll was unlocked by building a Workshop, and could be upgraded in the Training Room, which boosted his damage and health. He excelled at destroying structures (rooms/traps) via mêlée attack; damage against other minions was only average.

He did have one particular weakness: fire. Fire absolutely destroyed a Troll. It was therefore prudent to use Fireburst Traps, Warlocks, and the Dragon Breath spell. Invading Troll armies could quickly be dispatched by savvy defenders.

Attacking Trolls would actively seek out nearby hostile rooms (Dark Library, Hatchery, Graveyard, Training Room, Torture Chamber, Unholy Temple, Workshop) when placed into an enemy dungeon. They would not attack any traps except for Anti-Air, unless they were hit by the traps.

Once all enemy rooms had been destroyed, they would proceed to other rooms.


  • Trolls defensive location was the Workshop.
  • They were very vulnerable to fire damage.
  • Magmaw, Horny, Fireburst Traps, Chicken Bomb Traps, and Dungeon Hearts all dealt fire damage, making them very effective against Trolls.
  • There was a bug that caused Trolls to stand and attack the same spot for the rest of the raid or until killed after using Bomb Wall.
  • Trolls would go out of their way to destroy Anti Air traps, most commonly seen when a player was using a scouting boost. This was often a severe weakness for Trolls.
  • At level 35, the max damage of Trolls was 2,448 (per attack). If you got the (temporary) First Strike boost, which added another 20% damage, Trolls would do 2,937 damage. This could be increased further by bolstering the Torture Chamber, though it was unknown how the two boosts stacked. That is, whether the increase by bolstering the Torture Chamber would take effect before or after the First Strike boost was applied.


Seeks Closest Hostile Room
Passive Redirects to Hostile Traps
Strength 4x damage to Doors, Traps and Hostile Rooms
(increases with level)
Weakness 12x damage from Fire sources
(decreases with level)
Creature Targets Ground
Attack Speed 1.5s
Move Speed 175
Housing Space 2
Summoning Time 45s

Training Upgrades[]

Fireburst Trap = Extra Damage taken from Fire Sources
Attack = Damage multiplier towards Doors, Traps, & Rooms

LVL DMG DMG to Doors, Traps & Rooms HP Attack Fireburst Trap Training Time Training Cost Workshop Required Summoning Cost (Gold)
1 26 104 260 4x 12x - - Level 1 35
2 30 150 315 5x 12x 45m 4,000 Level 2 70
3 36 180 365 5x 11x 1h 30m 8,000 Level 3 100
4 42 210 420 5x 11x 4h 15k Level 4 130
5 46 230 470 5x 11x 8h 60k Level 5 160
6 52 312 525 6x 11x 16h 150k Level 6 200
7 56 336 575 6x 11x 1d 400k Level 7 240
8 62 372 630 6x 10x 1d 12h 950k Level 8 280
9 68 408 680 6x 10x 2d 1.8M Level 9 330
10 72 504 735 7x 9x 2d 12h 4M Level 10 400
11 76 532 785 7x 8x 3d 13M Level 11 500
12 79 553 810 7x 8x 4d 13M Level 12 1,000
13 85 595 860 7x 8x 5d 20M Level 13 1,500
14 90 630 910 7x 8x 6d 24M Level 14 2,000
15 94 658 960 7x 8x 7d 30M Level 15 2,500
16 99 792 1,010 8x 8x 8d 36M Level 16 3,000
17 103 824 1,060 8x 7x 9d 42M Level 17 4,000
18 106 848 1,110 8x 7x 10d 48M Level 18 5,000
19 110 880 1,160 8x 7x 11d 50M Level 19 6,500
20 115 1,035 1,210 9x 7x 12d 52M Level 20 8,000
21 120 1,200 1,360 10x 7x 13d 52,2M Level 21 9,000
22 126 1,260 1,510 10x 7x 13d 52,4M Level 22 10,500
23 132 1,320 1,660 10x 6x 13d 62M Level 23 12,000
24 138 1,380 1,810 10x 6x 13d 64M Level 24 13,500
25 145 1,595 1,960 11x 6x 14d 66M Level 25 15,000
26 150 1,650 2,110 11x 6x 14d 68M Level 26 17,000
27 156 1,716 2,260 11x 6x 14d 72M Level 27 19,000
28 162 1,782 2,410 11x 6x 16d 76M Level 28 21,000
29 168 1,848 2,560 11x 6x 18d 80M Level 29 23,000
30 174 2,088 2710 12x 6x 20d 84M Level 30 25,000
31 180 2,160 2,860 12x 6x 22d 85M Level 31 30,000
32 186 2,232 3,010 12x 6x 24d 86M Level 32 35,000
33 192 2,304 3,160 12x 6x 26d 87M Level 33 40,000
34 198 2,376 3,310 12x 6x 28d 88M Level 34 45,000
35 204 2,448 3,460 12x 6x 30d 90M Level 35 50,000


  • Max level was 35
  • Training times adjusted for May, 2018 update


  • Makes traps and doors faster than the Bile Demon.
  • The Troll is more like a Trow, a small troll native to Shetland in myths, rather than the standard big, strong and scary trolls of most other places.
  • In Dungeon Keeper, Trolls wield a mace. This is ironic, as the symbol for Workshops and manufacturing is a mallet (instead wielded by the Troll's combat-oriented cousin: the Orc). They wield a mace in the intro, which predates most of the game, too. This discrepancy suggests that Trolls may have originally been fighters rather than manufacturers. In Dungeon Keeper 2, they wield a large mallet, matching their manufacturing rôle.
  • Dungeon Keeper 2:
    • The Troll can spot concealed traps and hidden doors.
    • He can take down traps and doors faster than normal creatures can.
    • His pickup icon is the same as the Workshop icon: a mallet. This is likely an indication of his skill with traps and doors, for although he's not the only creature who can carry one, he's the only creature who does. Trolls are stereotypically synonymous with Workshops and manufacturing, and this reflects that perfectly. In contrast, his pickup icon in the first Dungeon Keeper reflects his appearance rather than his speciality. His Hand to Hand icon is also a mallet, although it faces the other way.